The tremendous truth of 5G technology

The tremendous truth of 5G technology

Never before has such a rapid rise in communications technology been seen as at this time. At present, everything is already available to install a data transmission system that exceeds by thousands what had been known, such as the LTE network. We are talking about the fifth generation of mobile telephony that includes the Internet of Things.

So, the purpose is for everything to be virtualized: from automated and intelligent cars, to computerized houses and cities that work in every way with this new computing modality. But serious dangers lie in all of this, according to several scientists. Let’s see: “The tremendous truth of 5G technology”:

repowered internet

This technology offers to multiply the speed of previously known wireless systems by 100 or more times. One of the first drawbacks is that current smartphones do not have the necessary capacity to resist it. But the big industries already have the most spectacular special designs ready for this great technological quantum leap.

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Not only does it dramatically increase upload and download speeds, but it also offers multiple benefits such as optimal connectivity and from remote places, where the internet signal never even thought to reach before. Likewise, its capacity is surprising, capable of keeping several devices connected to the same network.

This system is perfectly allied with the IoT, the Internet of Things, whose project is to connect to the Internet from the simplest object, to a large building, vehicles, household appliances, etc. Almost 30 million things, in a virtual information network that had only been shown in science fiction.

In this way, it is possible to download a movie on the mobile phone, in less than two seconds. The vehicle in which we are transported has the ability to drive intelligently, because it can track all the information on the road, such as potholes, obstacles, road closures, traffic jams, etc.

Likewise, it is even possible to perform remote surgical operations, with robots managed by specialized medical personnel. All the information about people, places and things is now possible to capture with this new technological revolution. Not to mention money, because cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain play a fundamental role in all this.

The dark side

Several researchers, doctors and technology lovers themselves predict serious pathologies, due to the implementation of this new system that definitely transforms the world, due to the emission of radioactive waves that are terribly harmful to the health of any living being on the planet: plants, animals, humans, etc.

It seems that there is a directly proportional law: the more speed and capacity of mobiles, the greater the danger to the integrity of people and nature. However, some scientists say that it is possible to enjoy all the enormous benefits and advantages of these novel information systems, without the risks of getting sick and damaging the ecosystem, but the problem is how they have been focused, used and developed.

It is somewhat similar to the electrical system which, although it has been fundamental to modern life, is not the best method of extracting and using energy. The contamination that both imply is too expensive and considerable, experts estimate, such as the “director of the bioelectromagnetism field laboratory”, belonging to the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in the Technological Center, who clearly warns:

Concern is growing

“Governments are not controlling what is happening and we scientists are very concerned. It is already impossible to say that radio frequencies do not cause cancer.”

According to this and other scientists, there are many people with “electro-hypersensitivity”, from children, adults and the elderly, which in many of these cases causes leukemia, heart disease, sterility, reproductive problems, psychiatric disorders, neurological diseases, tumors, among many other ills.

The electromagnetic pollution that occurred before the implementation of 5G technology had already caused numerous cases of cancer, pregnancy problems and much more.

But now it is predicted that due to the exaggerated bombardment of electromagnetic waves in every millimeter of the environment, delicate complications appear such as a third type of diabetes, due to the alteration of the functioning of the cells, explains a professor of Environmental Sciences of the University of Toronto, Dr. Magda Havas.

This specialist asserts that, if 5G technology models continue to be implemented, as large corporations intend to expand it throughout the world, without the proper uses and mechanisms that many professionals in the field have pointed out, there will inevitably be a health chaos, as those who are more sensitive to electromagnetism, could be struck down by heart attacks or suffer strokes, as their blood cells are highly compromised.

It has already been fully corroborated that exposure to environments impregnated with radiation and electromagnetic waves cause vision problems, fatigue, depression, behavioral disorders, insomnia, confusion, lack of concentration, skin diseases and, above all, diseases of the nervous system in humans and animals.

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