Bitcoin Australian online casino – anonymity and no commission

Article, Business, English - August 4, 2020

Today we will tell you about Australian online casinos that accept bitcoin and other cryptos. The need to create this post did not arise by accident. Recently, we have seen a rapid demand for cryptocurrency in Australia, which is actively accepted in many gambling games. Having studied the reviews of several famous players and the comments of readers, we came to the conclusion that playing for bitcoins is very profitable and easy. Digital money is not recorded anywhere and, in any way, this avoids problems with regulatory authorities at countries were gambling may be banned.

What is Bitcoin casino?

Many gambling clubs allow their clients to open bitcoin accounts (for example Casinonic Australian online casino). They accept crypto coins to play various pokies or lottery. At the same time, players can exchange winnings for a currency convenient for them. You can withdraw it using popular payment systems. This functionality is much more common today than it was five years ago.

Advantages of playing for bitcoins in a casino

Having studied the information and reinforced this knowledge with own gaming experience, we can say for sure that a bitcoin casino has several advantages.

  • Complete anonymity. Yes, friends, all transactions go through without identifying the payer, both when crediting funds from a crypto-wallet, and with a reverse cashout.
  • Lack of verification on most Internet sites. Often, to register an account, it is enough to provide an email and password. Since the security service does not care, what is your name and where you live.
  • No commissions. Most bitcoin casinos do not take commission for financial transactions and do not set limits on the number of payments.
  • Unlimited access to slot machines. Thanks to the cryptos, you can place bets wherever you want (unless you are a resident of North Korea or Syria);
  • Accelerated withdrawal of money. Only when using a cryptos, you can replenish your account and withdraw money in just a couple of seconds.

For many players, the most important plus is the following: if the casino was made with the blockchain tech, then you should be confident in the honest operation of such a site.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin casinos

You have your pros, now let’s jump to the cons. The main disadvantage is the unstable rate of the cryptocurrency. It can give both benefits and lead to losses (everyone remembers that back in 2017, bitcoin was worth $ 20,000, and in 2019 it fell to $ 4,500). In order not to lose money, albeit virtual, you will have to constantly monitor the cryptocurrency exchange rate.

Another disadvantage is the small number of online casinos that accept BTC. They can be counted on the fingers of one hand. It is possible that this is due to a common stereotype. Like, cryptocurrency is a financial pyramid. This idea prevents even promising gambling clubs from gaining sufficient popularity against the backdrop of numerous titans of the gambling industry.