Pokémon Go: Possible reward only by walking 100km a week in Sincroaventura

English - October 29, 2019

Some players have reported getting a reward, only thanks to the functionality of the Sincroaventura by reaching 100 kilometers per week. Niantic still not officially confirmed.

Pokémon Go is primarily walking. You know that anyone who has heard of the game. In addition to catch the monsters of the pocket of the saga, this game is a augmented reality app for Android and iOS offers its players to go out to the street and walking. And thanks to a feature called Sincroaventura our progress by GPS are saved to Niantic we give rewards every week in the form of objects for our efforts. One of those rewards was a real mystery until today, since some players have stated that if you do 100km a week, wow, there is a prize!

The rewards of the Sincroaventura

The players most common Pokémon Go you will know the useful functionality of Sincroaventura. It’s an addition that was implemented into the game some time ago through their updates. Thanks to her the title recognizes the steps that we take to be synchronized with our applications of health typical. In this way, the game can post our steps even though we are not playing to him. Something perfect for hatching eggs Pokémon, for example. But in addition, Niantic reward with prizes to the players that walk in. That is why there are multiple rewards weekly by miles. These are:

  • 5 km per week: 20 Pokéball.
  • 25 km per week: you Get the reward of the 5 km, 10 Superballs, 500 powder star, an Egg, 5-km or a caramel rare.
  • 50 km a week:, you Get the rewards of the 5 km and 25 km, 5 Ultraballs 1500 powder star, or an Egg of 5 km, an Egg of 10 km or 3 rare candies.

is There a reward for 100km per week?

Today it has been known that it is very possible that there is a reward greater. A fourth level that would correspond to the 100km week. A figure really amazing because, for example, to reach the 50km per week are needed more or less 9.300 daily steps (something that not all can afford). Therefore, to do 100km per week would lead to ride about 14 miles and a half per day.

a while Ago some dataminers had to find information in the code of the game that made suspect of the existence of a reward for 100km per week, but was not confirmed. According explained from the portal GameRant, some dedicated players will have managed to reach the 100km / week, and to say have received these rewards for this:

in Addition, it would take into account the rewards of lower levels, of course. There the reward sure that the players most athletes will be happy to receive it. For the moment, this is nothing more than a rumor (although it is quite feasible due to the data found in the application), which will be to wait for Niantic to confirm officially. The game is still news these days with the advances of the research of Professor Willow and his Team Leader gender is not binary.

Image 1. Pokémon Go: Possible reward only by walking 100km a week in Sincroaventura