The fearsome prophecies of Chico Xavier

The fearsome prophecies of Chico Xavier

More and more, we hear about Francisco Cándido Xavier, a medium seer of the 20th century, author of more than 451 books, which were sold all over the world with more than 50 million copies, with translations in more than 34 languages and Braille. He said they were not of his authorship, but were dictated to him by spirits in his ear.

The fearsome prophecies of Chico Xavier

More and more, we hear about Francisco Candido Xavier, a medium seer of the 20th century, author of more than 451 prophecies….

According to this man, the end of the world is very near and extraterrestrials are close to contacting the entire human race. Here are the main and frightening prophecies of Chico Xavier:

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“A new era is approaching”

His full name was Pedro Leopoldo, born in Brazil in April 1910 and died in the same country in June 2002. He is currently an idol in the world of spiritualism, especially in Brazil.

Among the visions that were allegedly revealed to him by the “spirits of the beyond” was the great event of the arrival of man on the moon. He predicted it decades ago, in the 1940s. Then it came true in 1969 and on that day, he released a terrible prophecy for all mankind. He literally said:

“Our Lord deliberated to grant a 50-year moratorium to the earthly society, started on July 20, 1969, and, therefore, to be terminated in July 2019. Jesus ordered his celestial emissaries to engage more directly in the maintenance of peace among the peoples and nations of Earth, in order to collaborate so that we would enter more quickly into the planetary community of the Solar System, as a more regenerated world, at the end of that period,” concluded Chico Xavier.

The seer went on to detail that the world was going to end around that time in the middle of the 20th century, since the Divinity had already agreed to that. However, through the intermediation of Christ, an extension could be given so that humans would have the opportunity to regenerate and purify themselves spiritually, a term that he even dared to limit to a specific date: from July 2019, as the expiration of such opportunity.

Chico Xavier often said that one of the requirements to save humans from self-destruction was that they should reach a sufficient level of consciousness that would allow them to respect ideological and religious differences, so that they would not end up in the imminent nuclear hecatomb, if everything goes on like this. In that way, World War III would be avoided.

Whenever he was asked about it, he replied:

“None of us can anticipate, the breakthroughs that may occur from that date of July 2019, with us only knowing how to defend the peace among our most developed and cultured nations!”.

Prophecy about the 3rd World War

This South American spiritualist said that the spirits indicated to him that the third world conflagration would start, but that it would be stopped by the tremendous earthquakes that are coming, as well as unsuspected eruptions of extinct volcanoes and also active ones, and this will displace the magnetic axis, making life impossible in the northern hemisphere.

But if the war between nations does not ignite and men demonstrate an advance of consciousness and spirituality, what will come are great technological advances, accompanied by the extraterrestrial presence among us, teaching us secrets of the universe, entering a golden age.

From a very early age, Pedro Leopoldo or better known as Chico Xavier, manifested that he could see and talk to discarnate people and all the time he seemed to live between this world and the beyond. At first his parents considered him crazy, but after he showed signs of what he was saying, healing family members and predicting things that did happen, then their perspective on him changed and they believed him.

Something bad is going to happen in the northern hemisphere

In 2002, he warned that something very bad would happen in the entire northern hemisphere of the planet and that the survivors, by order of the UN, would invade South America, as well as the southern part of Australia and Africa. According to the seer, they would be military invasions and will be times when both nature and atomic bombs will have hit humanity and the planet.

“Brazil will be a world power”

In his own words he predicted:

“we will not only be the food and raw material granary for the world, but also the great energy source with the discovery of huge oil reserves that will make Petrobras one of the largest companies in the world”.

Some think it is an asteroid that will cause great destruction. Because of all these circumstances, Chico predicted that Brazil would be one of the most important nations in the world. True or not, he has many followers, as well as many contractors. The only one who has the last word is time and as a wise man said:

“Only in the face of facts should we surrender”.

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