Ascension Towerfall exceeds 500,000 units sold

It’s working better than PC PS4.
Matt Thorson, developer Towerfall Ascension , has said that the game has already exceeded 500,000 units sold , including 7,000 Ouya .
also Thorson has also revealed that the game is running better than PC PlayStation 4 : “It’s working better on PS4, but nevertheless is also selling well on PC.’s selling well enough to stay for a while, which is encouraging. “
Among the reasons why you think you are selling better in PS4, Thorson says support has received from Sony and the fact that this is a more typical game consoles than PC.
TowerFall Ascension was originally exclusive to Ouya, although recently launched in PS4 and PC . This version includes 50 new combat scenarios, new variants of the game, new powers and a cooperative mode Quest (Adventure) for two players



Ascension Towerfall exceeds 500,000 units sold
Source: english  
April 29, 2014

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