10 jobs and obsolete occupations that no longer exist

10 obsolete jobs and occupations that no longer exist

These are some jobs that no longer exist by the advance of technology and inventions that were condemned to obsolescence.

Over time, many jobs have been transformed by the use of new technologies ; by automating processes and the use of machinery that streamlines. The following jobs have disappeared completely, either at mentioned lines back or that its work was anachronistic or a fallacy for societies, the passage of time.


” Town crier “UK

In other countries the figure of the preacher was vital for news reports and relevant communities. In Spain and its colonies, they gave criers to release official reports, important information, the state of the weather. His oldest history is located in the Roman praecones. There have been criers in many countries such as USA, UK, and some still are can be seen in traditional celebrations and festivities



Extremely linked to the history of mattresses and how their clothing changed with the passage of time. The mattress is dedicated to repair, fill and manufacture wool mattresses that were widely used until the twentieth century in Spain and Latin American colonies. Its activity was traveling and traveled different locations to offer their services.



A known “knocker up” was common to hear in Ireland and Britain in the late eighteenth century. His job was, as such, in awaken people to come and work, touching on the windows with sticks or stones . During the time of the Industrial Revolution, the alarm services was vital for factory workers.

plague doctor

Paul_Fürst, _Der_Doctor_Schnabel_von_Rom_ (Holländer_version)

The different epidemics that struck in medieval Europe He gave rise to this office. The doctors of the Black Death were dedicated to caring for the sick epidemics , and its presence spread across most of Europe. His most characteristic attire is the picture accompanying this section, however, we know that varied according to time and place. In his mask, which is shaped like a bird’s beak, deposited scents to mitigate the odor of patients and not be defiled, for he was deeply rooted miasmic theory diseases, which held, in concrete terms, that diseases spread by poisonous air. The rod bearing was used to touch patients. Also auxiliaban patients with their inheritances, and kept records of the victims.


Photograph_of_Women_Working_at_a_Bell_System_Telephone_Switchboard_ (3660047829)

The exchanges before automatic were operated by people particularly for women, who it made connecting calls possible. The automatic exchange was invented in 1888 by Almon Strowger and was gradually replacing the manual system; even though the operating manual were in effect for much of the last century.



In Madrid, Spain, in 1798 the serene is institutionalized, to the office of lamplighter, responsible for public lights turn joined. The watchmen were responsible for policing the streets, make nightly rounds and report the weather . The office of the serene spread in Spain and Latin America. It is very common to remember the phrase. “Twelve-all serene”



These specialists phrenology, now considered pseudoscience, determined the personality, character and possible criminal tendencies as the shape of the skull, head and factions . It was a theory developed in 1800 and was very popular during the nineteenth century. In Victorian England, even the Phrenology Society of Edinburgh was founded. The tenets of phrenology claimed the inferiority of the Amerindian race and the limited capacity of women to science and the arts. _ (ツ) _ / ¯

Gandy Dancers

In this business that boomed during the railway construction in the United States in the early twentieth century, workers could be different Origins: Native American, Irish, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and African Americans. Your job was to install and repair the tracks and sleepers for a long time were made of wood, which had to be repaired and replaced. African American workers were characterized by their songs while doing this hard job.

Hunters rats

 V0030482 Liverpool Port Sanitary Authority rat-catchers

Actually this office alone has become, in fact it is a very ancient craft that dates back to medieval times. The rats in the cities are often a major health problem , and hunters of rats were exposed to great dangers of diseases and bites. Current pest control companies include this service in addition there are several home methods for this purpose. So even though the show as the rat catcher is deprecated, not rodents

“Listen Heaven”


Before the invention of radar (which href=”http://hipertextual.com/tag/nikola-tesla” Nikola Tesla established theoretical principles), listening to the sky was vital to the enemy armies in the First World War. This could be a life or death difference. Large equipment, acoustic locators, were operated by people for this task . With the radar, both technology, such as those covering trade, remained in obsolescence.


10 jobs and obsolete occupations that no longer exist
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January 28, 2016

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