Bibiana Fernandez: “I hate the word transsexual: you are a man or woman”


  • “For a long time it was a priority to have a partner, but now I know that happiness is not subject to that,” says the actress who stars in the Teatro Infanta Isabel ‘The Love is in the air ‘.
  • “I have no fear, nor death, and looks to have done enough to die many times.”
  • “As a child you know what you are, whether man or woman, I have no memories of feeling different “

Bibiana Fernandez: “I hate the word transsexual: you are a man or woman”

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Talk to the walls, and it is she who says it with that tone between the joke and the peculiar experience Bibiana Fernández href=””. Delighted to be asked to interview says: “To me I love that case we should do

know well what the profession requires and although the profession is always unexpected or unexplained fluctuations., to her, that began with Vicente Aranda and then went Almodóvar girl, the back up to a theater. The work, Infanta Isabel, and Manuel Bandera as a companion, touch all coming on, slashing and comes in love and hence its title: Love is in the air .

A play about love, just when you least want romantic love …
Yes, I have retired from that love, but love other things, work, calm. Has long been a priority to have a partner, having a partner for me it was like a country, a destination, but now I know that happiness is not subject to a partner.

Do you think a steady partner and just coexistence with love
Well, one thing is part of the other: love is always in the recent times recreated muerte.En previous stereotypes faith but without enthusiasm andthe before.

That enthusiasm is what leads the profession then?
In this profession you’re two years doing nothing and suddenly you call. With this work we had two years and is a work born of love. And I have other projects … and held that journalists may have interest in us.

Do you still have nerves when going up on stage?
The first days of the representation but then it’s different. Insecurity is what we have in this work.

Do you notice people more eager to escape?
There are always problems, at all times, and in all Needless distracted. Our work is not important, we are not doctors who save lives, but we entertain, and that I take it as a great responsibility. In that sense I think is important, because we need emotions of life.

Get suppress his love of improvisation on stage?
It is inevitable at some improvising time, but try not to do many things and be loyal. You are not alone on stage ..

Does it cost somewhere special?
Everything that comes in the work of love and hate and others already have He lived and many times, so I did not touch none of that. All you have lived, less bitterness, thank God. Resentment makes you sick, whom it affects you, because the other does not care. Or you not even know it. Or does not care. It costs nothing to forgive me.

And also generates resentment pain, not to live …
Fortunately pain has no memory. I always remember my grandmother, who lost three children and lived on. It does not rejoice in it or installed in compassion. Pity and fear are the worst companions. It is a prison

What is worse for you.?. the pity and fear

The fear
And what is your worst fear?
I have no fears. Not even death, because look what I’ve done merits to die several times. I thank God. I have an altar with loved ones who have died, I put candles. With me and care for me. And the peace that give me no one can deny me.

With me and I cuidan.¿Quiénes have been the most important in your life?
live surrounded of love. It makes me very sad that say they can count on the fingers of one hand the friends they have. Were all important.

Have you seen The Danish Girl
No, because I have not had time, but I very interested. Estuviemos actually seeing the pictures of real history and Rossy.

Are you ‘touched’ when I saw the pictures?
It is a very particular issue. Standardization is when you no longer talks about it. And I hate the word transsexual: you are male or female, not transsexual. Young children already manifest, you know what they are, whether men or women, and each time at a younger age.

Does your earliest memory?
No I I remember otherwise, I have no memories feeling differently

Bibiana Fernandez: “I hate the word transsexual: you are a man or woman”


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