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The True Story of Lucifer

Lucifer in our day has become synonymous with evil and is even associated with the devil himself, or Satan. However, as we shall see, such an aconcept is far from reality, and reach the very origin of the legend, surely it will present us with something diametrically opposed to what we have always believed.

The True Story of LuciferThe True Story of Lucifer

Lucifer would be Jesus Christ himself

In the Bible, the first time mentioned is in chapter 14 of the book of Isaiah, more specifically in verse 12 where it reads: How you fell from heaven, O Lucero, son of the morning!

This exhortation is given to the prophet Isaiah to be told to the king of Babylon, possibly Nebuchadnezzar II, and in which the fall of the Babylonian king is compared to that of Helel Ben Sahar, which means “Resplendent, son of the dawn,” a name that parallels with a  Babylonian myth in which Helel, a lesser god worked to rise to the category of sun, but which ends up falling to fulminate earth and which has originally been associated with the planet Venus.

When Saint Jerome translates the Hebrew version of the Bible into Latin (in what is known as the Vulgate) and is found before the expression “Helel”, which means “shining”, it translates it as Lucifer and, although new versions of the Bible are omitted that word, changing it to a brightground or a star, is still possible to find it in versions such as the King James, or King James Bible.

But the reason for Saint Jerome to translate the Hebrew term Helel as Lucifer is a correct decision since the Latin word lucifer is composed of the Latin terms “lux”, which means “light” and “ferre”, meaning “carry”, “transport”, “carry”, “carry” .

In other words, Lucifer means nothing but light bearer, the one who brings light and is associated with Heosphore, Hespero, and Venus, the shining star of the morning. The term “Luciferus”, and the Spanish “Lucero” are exactly the same, with the same meaning and, of course, also refer to the term Helel of the Babylonian myth (which has its respective Semitic adaptation), which means “resplendent”.

And in fact, the term Lucifer was not an evil character among the first religious communities. So much so that several hymns of the early Christians grant Jesus the title of Lucifer, as the case of the Christian poet Prudencio in Psycomachia or the Lucis largitor splendide containing the expression “you are the true bearer of the light of the world”, which is literally “you are the true Lucifer of the world”, an expression dedicated to Jesus.

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Similarly, in the medieval hymn Christe qui lux es et diez, which means you are the light of Christ who dies, some manuscripts have the line “proferens Lucem Lucifer”, which means bringing the light of Lucifer.

Also in the prayer made in the proclamation of Easter in relation to the Easter cirio you can see the Latin expression Flammas eius lucifer matutinus inveniat. In Spanish this prayer prays: This flame was found still burning thanks to Lucifer, the Morning Star who never sets, Christ your Son, who, coming from the domain of death, has stripped himself of his quiet light, in humanity, and lives and reigns for the centuries d and the centuries.

As a general rule the Latin word Lucifer is poured into Spanish as a morning star. But the question could go further and, as J. Lallemant, author of the book The Hidden Truths of the Bible, argues, a more explicit reference regardingJesus is possible to find it in the same Bible, more specifically in Revelation 22, 16 where Jesus himself says: I am the shining star of the morning, which is consistent with what we have seen. In other words, Jesus himself expresses that he is Lucifer, the shining star of dawn.

But the reason why the first Christians would have granted the title of Lucifer to Jesus is because they see in him not only the fall, but his sequence, his raised to the point of becoming a solar deity, the new illuminator of the world.

Later, however, Christian writers began to give him another interpretation, based largely on an interpretation of a fragment of the 12th book of the Revelation in which the dragon, which is called devil and Satan, is thrown into the Earth. These interpretations were increasing and, reaching the masses, came to shape the legend of an evil and diabolical Lucifer to which it is necessary to fight.

In verse Ezekiel 28:14 it says, “You were the anointed Cherub.” This tells us we are not talking about a human king. The word cherub is singular for cherubim. The cherubim are symbolic of God’s Holy presence and His unapproachable majesty.

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