The man who had 8 children with his daughter

Curiosities, English - November 12, 2022
Image 1. The man who had 8 children with his daughter

Thanks to the various mass media, in recent years it has been possible to learn of truly unusual cases, chilling and qualified by many as aberrant, such as the one we bring below: “a man had eight children with his own daughter”, product of terrible acts. Let’s see:

She was subjected to her father’s degeneration from the age of 11 years old

Argentina, city Santiago del Estero; everything began in an apparently normal family, in which the fruit of the marriage were 3 children, two men and a woman. But when the protagonist of this story, who is the father of this family, reached 56 years of age, he was widowed and sent his sons to live with other relatives, leaving him alone with the 11 year old girl whom he got pregnant eight times.

A few months later, Vernacho, as his friends called him, whose real name is Domingo Bulacio, took his daughter as the lady of the house and as his own mistress, in a violent and forced way, without caring about the cries for mercy that his daughter implored him daily. In such a way that he practically kidnapped her for 22 years in his home and repeatedly outraged her.

After those years of constant transgression, 8 children were born, who lived in only one room of the small house. The infants witnessed the lustful acts committed against their mother, according to their own testimonies, in the corresponding investigation.

“An aggressive being full of evil”

And everything was denounced, thanks to the fact that the youngest of the little ones one day felt discomfort. Faced with the chronic condition of the child, the woman, taking advantage of the absence of that man and full of concern, found a way to leave the house and took the child to the doctor, where as a routine they asked her about the child’s father and she, in her sad innocence, answered that it was her own father.

The doctors could not believe what they were seeing: a woman with 8 children, the product of her father’s rape. Immediately, they called the authorities who, inquiring about the case, discovered that the neighbors always saw this family as abnormal and hidden, always locked up. They also testified that they saw the man as aggressive and full of evil.

When the police were given to the capture of Domingo, they did not find him in his house or in the surroundings; the man had fled and thus lasted 45 days fugitive from justice, until at the end of 2015, he was captured in a half-abandoned house located 35 kilometers from his hometown, Santiago del Estero.

The prosecutor’s office of this city conducted DNA tests to prove the paternity of the children, since at first there were doubts on the part of the lawyers in the case. All tests were positive. Domingo was the father of his daughter and of his 8 children with her.

In January 2016, he was given a long prison sentence for the crime of “abuse with seriously outrageous carnal access, aggravated by the bond”.

For her part, subsequent to all the legal and media commotion before the outcome of such an event, the victim has said:

“The seriousness is not only the abuse, but the secret kept for many years. It makes it a cancer inside that eats away at the person…. It creates many limitations, it is like walking through life on crutches, and everyone does what they can to survive”.

Life-long psychological damage

This woman, who from a very young age has had to face one of the most chilling realities of millions of people in the world, has carried out a long and intense psychological work for years. The figures are shocking in every country and seem to be increasing.

For Domingo Bulacio, the perpetrator of such a crime, it is 12 years in prison as payment for what he did. However, for this woman it has been a scourge of almost a lifetime and it still does not seem to end, because the traumas are many and seem to be deep in the soul, as if they had treatment, but no cure. It literally scarred his life and soul.

“I fight to bring forward all those children, that even though they are the result of pain, suffering and degeneration, they are not to blame and should have the opportunity to change their destiny and be happy,” added the victim.

Undoubtedly, this is a subject that shows that human beings can hide very sinister things inside, subhuman desires, but that only some people satisfy or develop to a much higher level, such as Domingo Bulacio. Several psychoanalysts, such as Freud himself, have pointed out that the subconscious hides terrible evils, but that very few people realize it and few would be willing to accept it.