Extraordinary case of reincarnation: the afterlife of Cameron Macaulay

Extraordinary case of reincarnation: the afterlife of Cameron Macaulay

Since the 50’s, throughout the American continent began to sound more than usual, that reincarnation exists, due to the emergence of schools of knowledge based on the oriental legacy, where it has always been believed that when a human being dies, at a certain time he/she returns to take a physical body and to be born from the womb of a woman, to repeat the cycle of life.

But a direct testimony, has surprised everyone: an extraordinary case of reincarnation: the afterlife of Cameron Macaulay. Let’s see:

An incredible story

Hello, my name is Cameron Macaulay and I am ten years old, although my childhood memories are fifty years older than I am. I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and the grown-ups say that my memories are something very special although they seem more painful than happy to me.

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When I started talking, at the age of two, I was finally able to tell my now mom, Norma, what my other mom was like. I told her what my other house was like, on the island of Barra, where planes landed on the beach and I could see them from the bedroom of our little white house.

My mother used to tell me that I had a great imagination, although I didn’t quite understand what she meant by that. As I grew older, I had more and more memories of my other house. I remember that I had three bathrooms, and I used to tell my mother that it was much better than having just one, like now. I would also tell her that with my other family I had a beautiful black and white dog that played a lot with me and my siblings. I would also remember my other mom’s beautiful hair, swaying in the sea breeze as she watched us playing in the sand on the beach. I also remembered a lot of my other dad, Shane Robertson, with his spiky hair and shorts who died from not looking both ways.

One day my mom brought home a man to tell her everything he remembered, his name was Jim Tucker and my mom said he knew the most about memories like mine. We talked a lot, he would ask me questions and I would answer. A few days later my mom and Mr. Tucker gave me a big surprise; they told me we were going to fly to the Isle of Barra, to my other home!

I was six years old and it was the first time I was going back to my other home.

Look mom, do you see how we are going to land on the beach?

I remember that I was very happy when we arrived at the island, soon I would see my little brothers and my other mom again. I’m sure they would be very happy to see me again and they would ask me where I had been all this time. I would tell my mom, Norma, that I would see how well she would get along with my other mom. I was convinced of that.

We slept in a hotel and in the morning we walked along the beach. When I saw my little white house in the distance I was very excited, but when we arrived I felt very sad because my family was no longer there. The house was very old and empty, as if no one had lived there for a long time. Inside there was also furniture and things different from my family. I told my mother what my room was and showed her the secret door where my brothers and I used to go out to the beach. I was left to wander around the house for a while, but I couldn’t stay long. We had to go back to Glasgow.

My mom and Mr. Tucker explained to me that some people are like me, that they have memories of people who are gone, who have been alive for many years, and not to worry about them, because I’m sure that like me, they have other lives now. They also say that when I get older, little by little, I will forget those memories, although I think I will always remember my other family. Once, my best friend asked me what happens to us when we die and I told him the only thing I know; nothing happens because you die, you will be reborn again.

This story, which may seem fictional, is based on one of the most spectacular cases of supposed reincarnations in recent times. That of little Cameron Macaulay. From a very young age, Cameron told his mother about episodes and situations from a previous life. The mother soon realized that these were not simple childish imaginative games and turned to an expert on the subject, Dr. Jim Tucker, a psychologist at the University of Virginia, who has created a chair for the study of past lives in which he has already investigated more than 1,500 different cases.

After learning about the case of the little boy and studying it, they decided to travel to the Isle of Barra, about 260 kilometers from Glasgow, to check if his memories were true.

Upon arrival they could already see how some of the places on the island were exactly as Cameron had told them, of course, neither Cameron nor his mother had ever been to this island.

Consulting the island’s historian, he says that he has no knowledge of a Robertson family living on the small island with the characteristics described by the boy. The next day, the historian calls them at the hotel to say that he has found a coincidence. A Robertson family, with a little white one-story house on the beach, who had a black and white dog and a black car. The only catch is that the Robertson family lived there… in the 1960s!

Planes still land on the beach at the Isle of Barra.

Without saying anything to the little boy, they set off in the direction of the house. Cameron identifies it as soon as he sees it. The boy’s sorrow is tremendous when he sees that the family he remembers is no longer there and that time has changed many things. They verify that everything that Cameron had told them about the place coincides perfectly.

The house today

The boy, despite the disappointment he suffered, seems to be calmer after the trip. He has at least fulfilled his dream of returning to that place.

Some time ago, after an exhaustive search for descendants of the Robertson family, they find Gillian Robertson, who claims to have had family there in the sixties. She shows them photographs of those times, where you can see her father’s black car, the black and white dog and the house, just as Cameron remembered it. Everything matches, except for one fact. Gillian does not remember any Shane Robertson, nor does she remember any fatal car accidents in the family.

Cameron’s story and his past are still being investigated. The BBC has produced a documentary on this case, gathering all the moments recounted. Chance coincidences? Overflowing imagination? Or are we facing a clear sign that there really is another life after life?

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