What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency?

What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency?

Crypto has become the most profitable investment in the last few years. There are over 19,000 digital assets in the world and dozens of cryptocurrency exchange platforms on the Internet. The adoption of cryptocurrency among people is increasing, so many firms and companies have started to accept payments in digital currencies worldwide, from coffee shops to real estate objects and yachts. In this article, we will answer the question, “what can you buy with cryptocurrency in 2022”.

Things You Can Purchase With Crypto

If you are a gamer and adore playing internet games, try blockchain games. Instead of the usual scores that you used to receive for passing levels in a game, in blockchain games, you will receive tokens, which you can sell, withdraw, invest further, or buy some in-game stuff. That gives a lot of motivation for players to pass the game levels and gain rewards in the form of tokens.

Another important thing you can buy with digital coins is other digital coins. Using a crypto exchange, you buy and sell cryptocurrency and make money from the price differences. Many trading strategies allow receiving a profit even in a downtrend market.

Some large companies tokenize their shares and sell them in form of tokens, which allows investors to make a profit, and it is also suitable for companies.

Physical goods you may buy with crypto:

  • Like we mentioned, coffee, fast food, and meals from restaurants that accept crypto.
  • Real estate objects, cars, yachts.
  • Book an apartment or hotel room.
  • Travel tours.
  • Goods at online stores.
  • IT products like domain or other services.
  • Educational courses.

One thing scares some sellers – crypto assets are volatile, so their prices may change rapidly. To avoid losses, converting the accepted crypto into dollars is recommended. You can convert fiat money to crypto and vice versa, buy any digital asset, and trade on the WhiteBIT platform.

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