What Content Creation Tech Tools to Use for Blog Post Writing

The online world is swiftly changing. With it changes one of the greatest marketing tools – content. Nowadays, content creators take the lead and SEO becomes the biggest moving force for blogs and websites. However, if you want to deliver consistent quality, you need to keep track of all the changes and dedicate a significant portion of your time and skills. Thankfully, due to the increased demand for high quality content, we’re witnessing the creation of excellent content creation tools.

If you want to keep your content fresh, avoid plagiarism, enrich it with multimedia, make it SEO optimized, and more – you need the best content creation softwareyou can get your hands on. Here you’ll find the top tech tools that will help you create content for your blog.

1.  Scrivener

Unlike what many believe, Scrivener isn’t a word processor. It’s a very helpful tool for content writers, focused on providing tips and guides. It’s become so popular, people rate it as the most powerful writer’s software out there.

What Content Creation Tech Tools to Use for Blog Post Writing

You might need some time to get the hang of it, but it’s definitely the greatest tool you can have as a blogger. It functions like a scrapbook and a typewriter, as well as a teacher. But, it doesn’t just give you a hint every now and then – it literally helps you from start to finish!

2.  Adobe Spark

Would you like to turn your content into something innovative and exciting? If the answer is yes, then you need Adobe Spark.

Adobe Spark lets its user create and use animated videos with few simple moves. All you have to do is import your images or videos, choose a video layout, add your fresh content and some music.

You can also use this tool to trim the videos before you post them on your blog, or choose images from their library with over 25,000 images.

3.  My Simple Show

This is yet another tool for creating professional videos while using your content. Write an enticing script and use this tool to create a presentation with it.

The tool is mostly used by students, but it’s definitely a great helper for blog. You can actually learn a lot from students in terms of aiding tools. For example, those who need help with content creationoften go for professional help at the Australian Edubirdie to keep their academic records high. In your case, you can use it to create great content for your blog posts or videos.

4.  Canva

Use Canva to create social media graphics, images, and presentations. It has thousands of different templates, letters, presentations, business cards, and other layouts. If you’re tired of using Keynote and PowerPoint, this gives you a fresh source of great frames, lines, grids, and charts.

5.  Storybird

Storybird is excellent, fast content creation softwareyou can use for reading, writing, and storytelling. It’s perfect for bloggers who need fresh ideas for their blogs. It’s highly adaptable, very educational, and it will let you buy print books or poems written by users.

6.  Comic Life

Comic books never cease to be popular. And how can they, with shows like The Big Bang theory and millions of students who prefer them over books? So, if you want something fresh for your blog after posting so many content-image combinations, why not use a tool that lets you create an actual comic book?

This app has numerous templates and fonts that will help you in creating your first comic book. If this is something your audience would enjoy, you should definitely give it a go.

What Content Creation Tech Tools to Use for Blog Post Writing

7.  Kidblog

Kidblog gives you some voice and recognition. You can use it to write your posts and publish them. Even though it’s primarily created for students, it’s a great chance to show your talent and gain a bigger audience.

8.  Spreaker

Instead of writing plain content for your website, why not spice things up and create a podcast? You can use Spreaker to stream live or create a new podcast episode that shares your new content. Tell your blog readers about your latest projects, products, or do your guide in the form of podcast episodes!

9.  Book Widgets

Book Widgets is widely used by teachers, students, and now – bloggers. It has so many templates that you can use for your content, you’ll definitely find it useful. With its help, you can create a timeline that you’ll use for content organization, add your images and content to it. You can even let others work on the timeline if you have someone who collaborates with you on your blog.


Do you have the tools in this list? If you’d like to add something new to your blog, spice up your content, or even get help with the content creation – these tools are widely available for use. They are used by millions of people worldwide and for a reason. You don’t have to do it all on your own! Once you download them, you’ll understand why.

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