How to calibrate the colors of the screen of a mobile Android

How to calibrate the colors of the screen of a mobile Android

Although, in most cases, our Android mobile come with the screen properly calibrated, it may be that by personal preference you prefer to make some adjustments on the color balance. Here we will see how you can calibrate the color screen of your Android mobile. For calibrate touch screen, read this other article.

We focus on settings included within a mobile, as well as some special applications available in Google Play that can help you change how you represent the colors to better suit your preferences.

From the settings of your mobile

Before you install third-party applications, it is worthwhile to check if your mobile has tools to adjust the color of the screen. It is not a setting that exists on the Android pure -for now – so that depends on if the manufacturer has decided to add it or not. It is common, for example, on Samsung phones.

as an added of each manufacturer, its location and options may vary, although it is more likely that it falls within the ( Screen of the Android settings. In the case of mobile Samsung, there are in total three types of settings that you can do from there.

Colorsamsung The color settings for Samsung

settings in this case ranging from simple to more complicated. First you can choose between four preset modes to show the colors, while just below you can make one of the settings more useful when calibrating a screen: if you want to the reproduction of colour is more cold or more warm. Finally, three sliders change with accuracy the values of red, green, and blue.

These settings will serve to modify slightly the color reproduction in the mobile, but they have a major problem and that is that you need to know what you’re doing. I used to make an approximate change, but not having a reference image that you can use, it does not cease to be… that, approximate.

specialized applications

Colorco Color Calibrator

If your phone does not have color settings, or if you need something more specialized, Google Play comes to the rescue once more. Color Calibrator is one of the most recommended and allows you to adjust the levels of red, green, blue, and brightness. Works as a layer which is superimposed on the screen and it has some presets selected ready-to-use and the ability to automate the change of profile.

Color Calibrator

Color Calibrator

The problem of the previous application is once again the same: you need a reference or an incredible eye for colors to make the appropriate adjustments. If you are looking for something more professional, you have ColorTrue. Do you remember when we said you didn’t have a reference to know if you were doing a good fit or not? Here you go… with a external device that you must purchase separately.

This gadget is used with the app to measure how red it is, every red and the same with the rest of colors, making the necessary adjustments for better color reproduction in the mobile… yes, only within the same application.



In summary, it is relatively easy to slightly adjusting how colors are rendered in the mobile with either the factory settings or with other applications, but at the time of the truth no application will ensure that the screen is capable of representing a greater range of colours than can physically, to be governed by the classic “where there is no you can not draw.”

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How to calibrate the colors of the screen of a mobile Android
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March 22, 2019

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