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The woman who speaks alien language

The woman who speaks alien languageThe woman who speaks alien language

At present, multiple spiritual currents have become fashionable. This wave has been given the name New Age, alluding to a new era of spirituality, ushered in by the constellation Aquarius. This has led us to witness multiple events beyond our understanding, such as people who claim to channel superior beings or individuals who claim to have special powers, which they use to help others. But most charge for their services and many of them are branded as charlatans. In this installment we will see the special case of the woman who claims that she can speak an alien language. Let’s see:

This is Mafer Walker, a Colombian woman, who began to gain fame from December 2021, the date on which she claims she obtained the power to speak the same language as aliens. Some time ago he had already been working with Temeana healing issues, which is based on techniques brought by the Pleiadians to align people’s energy centers, known as chakras, for which he used the vibration of quartz crystals, in order to achieve healing. total of any evil. All these services she offered in Bogotá Colombia, where she is from.

At the end of 2021, she decided to travel to Teotihuacán, near Mexico City, where the famous Mesoamerican pyramids can be found. Many scholars on the subject estimate that these pyramidal complexes have great magnetic activity and have also been the scene of many UFO sightings. Mafer began to create content for tiktok and Instagram, making use of these sacred places, where she tells that she is filled with cosmic energy, which she then transmits to all of humanity.

Mafer became more viral thanks to the Mexican program “Venga la Alegría”, where she was interviewed to learn about her peculiar ability. As soon as she began to speak the strange language, the viewers went crazy, some surprised and others mocking. But without a doubt, the moment was described as “one of the funniest moments on TV” in recent times.

Mafer said during the interview that she sends out vocal waves, which come from the heart and mind, causing a feeling of curiosity and can be felt as a pulsation in the neck. She also asserted that she is herself, she is a portal that connects to all existing dimensions and that she is capable of being a channel between the divine and the earthly.

Users of different networks have described the sound as glossolalia, which refers to an unintelligible language, made up of invented words with repetitive rhythmic sequences that have no meaning or meaning, typical of children’s speech. Other experts on these issues indicate that this way of speaking occurs in certain trance states or psychopathological pictures.

In the videos that she shares of her channeling alien vibrations, Mafer mixes Spanish with English and another series of sounds that have not been identified as a constituted language. All this has given rise to people perceiving her as a mockery of her and a few others, taking her messages seriously with the aim of connecting with higher forces, to help them in her spiritual awakening.

Among the strange services that Mafer Walker offers its clients are the reprogramming and activation of galactic codes in the cellular DNA memory, projection of quantum energy, emanation of solar frequencies, emanation of extremely high energies from other dimensions to Earth, activation of psychic gifts, among other strange matters. Her services are priced between 25 and 75 dollars, which has caused discomfort among many people who label her a scammer.

True or not, Mafer Walker has become a media phenomenon. In her Instagram account she already has more than 60,000 followers and in tik tok with more than 200,000. In these social networks, she is used to sharing videos from pyramidal archaeological sites, where she is charged with energy and later she begins to speak in an unintelligible language.

As if that were not enough, this woman points out that in her videos you can see different solar vibrational sequences, which combined with the sound of her vocal cords, are capable of raising people’s energy.

Many Internet users, taking advantage of Mafer’s great popularity, have created countless memes and videos using parts of her content, which generally have no other purpose than to mock and automatically go viral.

How did you learn to speak it?

Mafe Walker affirms that she learned to speak the extraterrestrial language after having an encounter with extraterrestrial beings in her home in the city of Bogotá. According to her, the aliens visited her for several months and taught her to speak their language. Although many have questioned the veracity of her story, Mafe has provided specific details about her experience, including descriptions of the alien beings and the language they spoke.

But how could Mafe have learned an alien language in the first place? The answer to this question is not easy, since it is not known exactly how extraterrestrial languages develop. Some scientists have theorized that if intelligent life forms existed on other planets, they could have developed their own languages through processes similar to those that have led to the evolution of languages on Earth.

One theory is that Mafe Walker may have learned the alien language through some sort of telepathic connection to the alien beings. This idea is based on the hypothesis that some extraterrestrial languages could be transmitted directly to the mind of an individual, without the need for conventional learning.

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Another possibility is that Mafe Walker learned the alien language through an immersion process. Instead of consciously learning the language, she might have acquired it similar to how children learn her native language. This means that if Ella Mafe had had enough exposure to the alien language over an extended period of time, she might have learned it intuitively.

Although it is not known for certain how Mafe Walker learned to speak the alien language, her story has generated interest in the scientific community and among the general public. If her story is true, it could have significant implications for our understanding of extraterrestrial life and the languages they might speak.

Linguistic analysis of the alien language: does it resemble any known terrestrial language?

Before delving into the linguistic analysis, it is important to mention that the existence of an extraterrestrial language is highly speculative, since no concrete evidence of its existence has been found. That being said, Mafe Walker has provided specific details about the language that she claims to have learned from the extraterrestrial beings that visited her home. According to her, the alien language consists of a series of sounds that do not resemble any known terrestrial language.

Some language experts have analyzed the extraterrestrial language described by Mafe Walker and have suggested that it might have some similarities to certain terrestrial languages. For example, some have noted that the Alien language uses a large number of consonants and appears to be a tonal language, similar to Mandarin Chinese. Also, there are certain intonation patterns that are repeated in the alien language, which could indicate that it has a structured and complex grammar.

However, these similarities are very vague and do not suggest that Mafe Walker’s alien language is related to any particular terrestrial language. Instead, experts have pointed out that given the unknown nature of the language, it may have completely different linguistic characteristics than any known terrestrial language.

Another interesting aspect of the alien language is the way it is transmitted. Mafe Walker claims that the language was taught to her through a telepathic process, meaning that the extraterrestrial beings transmitted the language directly into her mind. This method of language transmission is completely different from the way languages are taught on Earth and could have interesting implications for our understanding of how languages develop.

A tale to deceive crowds

One theory that has gained some traction online is that Mafe Walker is either an actress or a fraud, and that her story of her alien language is an elaborate publicity campaign or stunt designed to generate publicity and attention. Supporters of this theory suggest that Mafe Walker is not a real person, but that she is the creation of a group of people or an organization seeking to draw attention to some particular issue or agenda.

Another theory that has surfaced is that the government or some secret organization is behind the story of Mafe Walker and her alien language. Conspiracy theorists suggest that the government could be behind the creation of the story to divert public attention from important issues or to sow misinformation. Some even suggest that the Mafe Walker story could be a test to gauge the public’s response to the idea of extraterrestrial life.

Another theory is that Mafe Walker’s alien language is actually a code or a form of secret communication used by some underground organization or group. According to this theory, Mafe Walker could have been recruited by this organization and taught the code so she could communicate with them. Theorists suggest that the use of the extraterrestrial language is a way of staying hidden and protected from surveillance by the government or other groups.

However, it is important to note that these theories are only speculation and are not supported by concrete evidence. Mafe Walker’s story remains a mystery, and while there has been speculation about the possible reasons behind her story, there is no concrete evidence to support these theories.

In addition to the aforementioned theories, there have also been suggestions that the Mafe Walker story could be related to the growing popularity of ufology and alien life topics in popular culture. Some suggest that the Mafe Walker story is simply a ploy to capitalize on the public’s growing fascination with these subjects.

Another theory is that Mafe Walker could suffer from some kind of mental disorder that leads her to believe that she speaks an alien language. Skeptics argue that Mafe Walker’s story is simply a fabrication of her own mind and that the language she speaks has no real meaning or meaning.

However, it is important to note that these theories also lack concrete evidence and should not be taken as absolute truths. The reality is that the history of Mafe Walker remains a mystery, and until more information and evidence is available, any theory is simply speculation.

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