The fraud of the man who traveled to another dimensión

English - March 16, 2023
Image 1. The fraud of the man who traveled to another dimensión

Many fantastic stories about time travel, travel to other dimensions, to other planets, other worlds, etc., have appeared on the Internet, many of them with a good level of credibility due to the new discoveries of Quantum Science. But also, many are big frauds, although with a credible tone. One such story is that of the “man who traveled to another dimension”. True or not, this is his story:

The fraud of the man who traveled to another dimensión

Actually, it is not the only story of men who can enter another dimension, but it is one of the most famous. It stars a guy named Gustav Ferdinand Voc Kelps, a brilliant physicist who as a child was a genius in mathematics, physics, and just about everything else in life.

Supposedly, he was born in Nuremberg, in 1905, in the midst of a wealthy family, who from an early age encouraged him to develop in these fields of science. At school he was always the best academically. His grandfather was also an expert in mathematics and every day he would teach him in this area in an advanced way. The young boy always wanted to learn more and more, as he was a child genius.

According to the story that went viral, when he was 14 years old, he designed an object that was able to throw a luminous ball 50 meters away. One night, his parents, fearing that this device was a danger to everyone, stole it from his room and destroyed it.

He was a solitary character and enjoyed spending time in his own laboratory at home. He had almost no friends and reading was his greatest pleasure. By the time he was 25, he knew more than any of his university professors, who were often challenged and corrected by Gustav, without the ability to refute him, because everything he pointed out was correct.

Almost soon to be 27, he was totally obsessed with Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy, matter, time and space. He discovered that electromagnetism could be perfectly combined with general relativity.

His extranormal departure

But in 1942, his final hour in this world would come. According to reports, Ferdinand, after leaving work one day, locked himself in his private laboratory, where unprecedented violet-colored lightning flashes were emitted, causing a supernormal roar around the place and he disappeared from the face of the earth.

The neighbors of the sector testified the tremendous event, detailing that they had heard a loud buzzing sound that left them with a headache and as if in another state, at the same time that the explosion threw them flying several meters. The authorities could not believe it. When they entered his home, the laboratory was intact, with only a few broken panes of glass, but the physicist’s body was nowhere to be seen. He had completely disappeared.

But months later, the new inhabitants of the house reported that a head appeared through the walls and spoke to them, and when they saw the photos of the physicist, they identified him as the same one who appeared on the wall and sometimes said “good morning” and disappeared instantly.

This man had discovered the key to enter another plane

In view of everything that had happened, the authorities decided to call a group of scientists to unravel a logical explanation to what was happening. This investigative team concluded that Gustav, somehow, could have found the key to enter another dimension and that is why his body had not been found.

These scientists assured that the genius physicist is alive in another dimensional plane and that he plays at appearing in his old house. One day, one of these researchers happened to see him with his own eyes and even Gustav asked him: “Nice day to discover new things, isn’t it? And he vanished in a second. On another occasion when they saw him, they asked him about his location, to which he answered: “don’t worry about me, I am in a place that sooner or later you will discover and once you visit it… you won’t want to come back”.

The reality of the story

But the truth is that this story was told through a forum in 2008 and the author, identified as Draco, says that he does not even know where he got this information, because he says he does not remember the page where he read it. In fact, the photo he posted as if he were the physical protagonist, was actually a musician named Jean Sibelius. All these details clearly indicate a fraud, but it was believed by hundreds of users on the web.

There is no data to prove that Gustav Ferdinand Von Kelps ever existed. For its part, the scientific community totally rejects the veracity of this story and some say that if there had been a machine capable of transporting someone to another dimension, at least the plans would have been found, but there are also those who claim that they make it look like a fake, to cover up the secret project and that there is not only one device of this kind, but several and in different parts of the world, where military and other people travel in the dimensions of space.
Other similar cases
There are many people who claim to have experienced travel to other dimensions. These accounts may be difficult to understand for those who have not experienced such things, but for those who have, they are very real and meaningful.

In some cases, these experiences may be the result of mental disorders or hallucinations, but in other cases, they may be the result of spiritual or even physical experiences.

Some people who have experienced travel to other dimensions describe seeing colors and patterns never seen before, or visiting worlds that appear to be made of materials or shapes that do not exist in our world. Others describe encountering strange beings or interacting with entities that appear to be in another dimension.

In some cases, these experiences can be traumatic, and people who experience them may need help processing and understanding them. However, in other cases, these experiences can be transformative and can provide a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Next, we will look at some specific cases of other individuals who claim to have traveled to other worlds and returned:

Rick Strassman – In his book “DMT: The Spirit Molecule,” Strassman describes the results of his experiments with DMT, a psychedelic substance. In his experiments, some participants reported traveling to other dimensions and interacting with strange beings.

Eben Alexander – After a near-death experience in 2008, Alexander claimed to have visited a spiritual dimension and encountered angelic beings. He wrote a book about his experience called “The Proof of Heaven”.

John C. Lilly – Lilly, a scientist and psychologist, conducted experiments with the psychedelic substance ketamine and claimed to have visited other dimensions and communicated with extraterrestrial beings.

Alex Grey – Visual artist Alex Grey has created a series of paintings depicting his experience of traveling to other dimensions while under the effects of ayahuasca and other psychedelics.

Terence McKenna – Philosopher and ethnobotanist Terence McKenna traveled extensively through psychedelic experiences and claimed to have visited other dimensions and encountered intelligent entities.

Robert Monroe – Monroe, an American businessman and writer, reported having numerous astral travel experiences and visiting different dimensions while in an altered state of consciousness. He wrote several books about his experiences, including Journeys Out of the Body.

David Lewis – Lewis, a hypnotherapist, reported taking his patients through past life regression experiences and visits to other dimensions and worlds. He wrote a book about his experiences called “Time Travelers: the Story of Regressive Hypnotherapy.”

Jane Roberts – Roberts was an American writer who claimed to have received information from a non-physical entity named Seth while in a trance state. Seth allegedly provided her with information about the nature of reality and the existence of other dimensions and realities.

Darryl Anka – Anka, a filmmaker and writer, claimed to have received information from an extraterrestrial entity named Bashar through channeling. Bashar allegedly provides information about the nature of reality and the existence of other dimensions and extraterrestrial civilizations.

Marilynn Hughes – Hughes, an author and lecturer, reported having had numerous astral travel experiences and visiting different dimensions and worlds while in an altered state of consciousness. She wrote several books about her experiences, including “Eternal Mysticism: an Out-of-Body Journey.

Is it possible to travel to another dimension?

The concept of traveling to another dimension has fascinated mankind for centuries. From scientific fiction to theories of physics, the idea of an additional dimension beyond our known world has led to many questions and speculations about the possibility of traveling through them.

First, it is important to define what is meant by “dimension”. In the scientific context, a dimension is a direction in space. For example, an object moves in three dimensions: forward/backward, left/right, and up/down. In theoretical physics, we speak of additional dimensions beyond these three known dimensions. For example, superstring theory proposes that there are at least 10 dimensions in the universe, although they are not directly observable.

Now, is it possible to travel through these extra dimensions? In scientific terms, the answer is uncertain. Some theories suggest that it is possible to travel through extra dimensions through wormholes, but these theories have not yet been empirically tested.

However, many people have claimed to have experiences of travel to other dimensions through meditation, hypnosis, psychedelics, and other practices. These experiences are subjective and cannot be empirically tested, but they can be meaningful and transformative for those who experience them.

In terms of quantum physics, it has been proposed that subatomic particles can exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously. This concept is known as “quantum superposition.” However, the possibility of subatomic particles existing in multiple dimensions does not necessarily mean that humans can travel through these dimensions.