TheWiSpy Review: Best Android Tracking app with 20+ Features

TheWiSpy Review: Best Android Tracking app with 20+ Features

A few generations ago, spying was only an option for government intelligence or high-profiled cases. You were supposed to hire a professional hacker to do the job. The small problems like monitoring children or employees did not have solutions.

And even if you want to, you were required to have expert knowledge of coding, a strong internet connection, and a powerful spy tool. But things have changed with modern technology. So it would be best to have a good internet connection and TheWiSpy android tracking app to hack into the target’s cell phone.

Several reasons can lead a person to take a high road. For example, a worried parent would want a secure online environment for the kid. On the other hand, an employer would require a spy app to take the business towards success. And for such noble purposes, you need to get the best android spying app with exceptional features. That’s because advanced features will guarantee quality results.

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is a top-notch and all-rounder cell phone tracker that is used to spy on target devices. Its advanced features provide you access to the installed application of the target device and helps you spy on stored data.

You can get the latest updates on the online activity of your child or employee while sitting remotely in your house. The whole work of TheWiSpy is in stealth mode, and you can view the tracked data on online portal. It’s best when you don’t want the target to know that you’re spying on them and monitor them secretly.

How can you use TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy installation:

TheWiSpy is not complicated software; you can easily install it without any technical background. Moreover, TWS offers proper guidelines that you can follow to install and use the cell phone tracker. For your ease, the process is described in three easy steps.

Step 1:

Access the official website of TheWiSpy; you will see pricing option in the top menu. There are different packages for individual needs; pick one and subscribe to TWS. You have made yourself a pass to download the exceptional spy app with unlimited features.

Step 2:

Now install the best android tracking app on the target device. For that, you need to open the link that you will get through an email. In few minutes, you’ll have a working app on the cell phone. One important thing to keep in mind is that you need to get physical access to download TheWiSpy on any device. So prepare yourself for one risk if you’re tracking secretly.

Step 3:

The last thing to do is to get your account prepared to start spying. Open your TWS account from the web browser tap to enter information. Once you finish up your account, then you’ll have access to all TheWiSpy features. You can click on any function and start getting data on the latest activity on the target device.

TheWiSpy working:

Like any other android app, you need to install TheWiSpy cell phone tracker on your phone or the mobile phone you want to spy. Once the app is activated, it starts fetching information of the target and starts to send it to the official account assigned to an individual user.

For example, if you want to locate your child, TheWiSpy will access GPS and get you your kid’s current location in seconds. The app’s working is in stealth mode, and without your target’s noticing, you can get any update you want.

Supported devices:

All Android models such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc. Those who have the same or above version of 4.0 are compatible with installing the best android tracker app. Before purchasing your spyware, you can make sure of the compatibility.

Leading 20+ android tracking features:

Call log spy:

Are you concerned about your child or suspect your partner of cheating? If yes, then TheWiSpy can help you with its call log spy feature. If you ever caught your loved one getting threatened on an incoming call or they disconnect the call the minute you enter the room, then something is fishy.

There are two possible reasons behind this reaction, its either they are being harassed, or they are hiding something from you. The best way to find out is to keep track of their calls, and TheWiSpy is the best choice for that. You can get the details of caller, call duration, and time-lapse.

Call recording:

If you want to dig out more on your child or employee about what they are talking about for hours on the calls, then use TWS. The wispy offers a spy call recorder feature where you can record the whole ring; the app uses the microphone to record it and then send the file to the dashboard where you can view and listen.

SMS tracking:

Your company data is the most precious asset, and as an owner, you should protect it from leaking at all costs. If you suspect your employee is deceiving you, then you should spy on text messages that they are exchanging with your competitor. It will help you identify the deceiver and save your company. TheWiSpy will collect previous and new chats of the target and show you on the TWS account.

Tracking saved photos:

Teenage is a time of making bad decisions; the exploring and fun factor takes away most sense from teenagers. As a parent of young children, you should monitor their cell phones, and tracking the gallery is the most reasonable step.

Teens might have naked or inappropriate pictures of themselves that they may share with friends or, in the worst case, to strangers. It can affect their mental health and future badly. TheWiSpy will help you view and delete such pictures or videos from the phone remotely. You can take instant actions to protect kids from upcoming dangers.

Surrounding spy:

If your employee is having a meeting with your business competitors without your consent and they have access to the company’s private information. Then be prepared for consequences because your data is on stake.

Of course, you need to be sure and have proof that your team worker is going behind your back to take legal action. Surround microphone spy is the perfect fit for such a thing; with the help of this feature, you can listen to the real-time conversation happening between your employee and rival using TheWiSpy android spying app. You can record the talk and listen to it later or use it as an evidence to confront your employee.

App tracking:

Monitoring is incomplete if you don’t track apps on the target’s phone. Social media, gaming, and entertainment apps are highly used among young kids. If you are interested in a protected online environment for your kid, then install TheWiSpy on your phone. It will allow you to log in to all accounts and view live activity. You can restrict the use of such apps remotely and delete them as well. It’s in your control what your child will access on smartphones.

Video recording:

TheWiSpy offers remote commands that include video recording as well; you can activate this feature to start recording any video saved on the android phone. TWS provides full access to multimedia files on the target cell phone, and with the help of screen recording, you can watch videos easily. You will receive the recorded video on the dashboard, where you can save and watch it.

Remote camera spy:

It is unique and hands down one of the best features of TheWiSpy; with the help of a remote camera spy, you can capture pictures of live events happening around the target device. TWS cell phone tracker commands the camera to secretly start taking snaps and send them to TheWiSpy account. You can save the pictures there and view them anytime you want by logging in.

Calendar monitoring:

TheWiSpy gives you full access to a calendar to monitor saved events; you will get alerts every time an important event occurs. As a result, you can keep yourself updated on your child’s life easier.

Memo alerts:

You can keep an eye on your company’s remote working employees through memo alerts. Whenever your worker sends or saves a memo, you will receive a copy as well.

GPS locator:

If you have installed an Android spying app on your kid’s phone, then the obvious reason would be to keep updated on their hanging spots. TheWiSpy offers an amazing and advanced GPS locator to track location of android devices. The feature use map on the target device to detect the current location of your child 24/7.


Along with GPS locator, geofencing is proved to be the most demanding feature among parents. Using this function, you can set geographical restrictions on your teen’s device. For example, if you want to ground your child and make him/her stay in the house, you can put boundaries. And if they will sneak out of the house while you’re working, then TheWiSpy will send you alerts.

Phone contact hacking:

You can track down the people your child is in contact with by hacking their communications. Not only can you view connections, but you can delete and block numbers as well remotely.

Final word:

You can never find a cell phone tracker with 20+ advanced features at an affordable price, starting at $9.99 only. You can monitor your child, spouse, and even your remote working employee with the help of TheWiSpy android tracking app. You can easily use it and have effective results through spyware that anyone can use. So don’t waste your time on expensive and complicated spy apps, and install TheWiSpy app now.

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