What happens when the body dies

What happens when the body dies

Death is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic events that every living being experiences, and what is most shocking about this event is that it is not known for sure what happens to the soul that is supposed to leave the body. Some scholars of the subject assure that the soul is immortal and that the only thing that dies is the body.

There are some researchers who dare to deny that there is anything beyond this life and affirm with total certainty that everything ends when the senses are extinguished. But there are also a great number of authors who consider that the soul continues its journey or at least repeats it in that dimension and then returns again to Earth to live according to what it deserves for its previous behavior. But the only thing we can know for sure is what happens to the physical body, and in this opportunity we will deal with this corporeal question. Here are some curious and shocking facts about the body when it dies:

The afterlife according to quantum scientists

Robert Lanza, a renowned American scientist specializing in the atom, asserts that he has the necessary evidence to certify that there is life beyond the grave and that the process of dying is not as we always perceive it. In his own words he argues:

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“Essentially, the idea of dying is something we have always been taught to accept, but in reality it only exists in our minds,”

Lanza believes. Also, obviously, we believe in death because we associate with our bodies and we know that physical bodies die.

The stomach is still alive

According to some scientific studies, the stomach of a person who has died continues to function up to 48 hours after death. If the body is left intact during this time, stomach acids begin to release a toxic gas that invades the body and causes it to explode.

The light at the end of the tunnel

This is a very popular event that has been endorsed by thousands of people who have experienced it. It is an experience in which the human being dies for a few seconds and sees himself going through a tunnel, which at the end has a very intense and bright light. Some scholars of these subjects assure that it is a splitting in which the soul is detached from the body, for a few seconds.

Cotard’s syndrome

It is a rare syndrome that affects very few people in the world. It is closely related to hypochondria and consists of an idea of feeling dead. That is to say, the sufferer feels how their organs have stopped working and in more extreme cases, they may experience that they are souls in pain. Curing this type of disease has proven to be very difficult.

The main cause of death

It is the heart attack or fulminant infarction. It happens when the heart collapses, as a consequence of the lack of oxygen in the blood that reaches this vital organ. It is the leading cause of death worldwide.

The last sense

The five senses that accompany the human being throughout his life disappear immediately at the time of death. But hearing is the last to do so; when a person dies, his or her hearing continues to function for a few more minutes after death.

Interesting figures

It is estimated that around the world more than 55 million people die annually. Of this number, 10 million are of Chinese origin. It is believed that since the beginning of mankind, about 100 billion people have died. The number of births is double the number of deaths per year.


The custom of wearing black clothing to attend a funeral comes from ancient Rome, where there were special garments that had to be worn for a considerable period of time. In Europe, it was believed that with the black garments, the souls in pain could not invade the body of those attending the funeral. It was like an amulet against demonic possessions.

Death in modern times

In the 21st century, foodstuffs are loaded with substances that seek to preserve products for a long time. These are consumed by men and women, who at the time of their death preserve their bodies for longer, thanks to these substances that they have ingested with their food.

In spite of all the scientific research done so far, the truth is that very little is known about the physical body and much less about the process of death. Official science prides itself on being able to answer every phenomenon that exists, but the facts show that this is not so.

Ancient civilizations focused a lot on funeral matters and seemed to know all the mysteries surrounding the enigmatic death. They prepared all kinds of mummies and other techniques.

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