4 Best Android Music Apps Review – Gaana, Saavn, Wynk, Hungama

With time flying, the way we admire music has changed dramatically from MP3, music videos, to live, concert. It is no doubt that we are having a more various way to enjoy music. And now, we are able to do all of these with simply a smartphone. For smart phone users, music apps? may be one of those apps that they can’t live without.It is more than convenient but enjoyable to listen to music with a good music app. Today we have a few music apps for you to choose. No matter you are a big music fan or just for daily relaxation, I hope some of these apps will lead you to a better experience of music.

1. Gaana – Great UI & Web version available

Gaana is one of the most famous music apps? recently, especially in India. Providing high quality music, you can definitely get satisfying listening experience out of it. Apart from HQ songs, Gaana also covers over 10 millions songs of various languages and styles, which meets every taste of yours.
If you are a music discoverer looking randomly looking for new songs, Gaana Android provides you with thousands of playlists that are created by music pros. This is one of the most popular functions among muisic apps, that is to help people not only to listen to music but discover music and people who shares similar interests as they do. Getting more and more socialized is one of those trends of music apps’ development.
Back to Gaana, as you might have guessed that every user can be a DJ making their own radio programme. This also help users to make more fun from music and to make friends with fans.
But please note that the features above are not exclusive in Gaana, you can also have similar experience in other apps. What seperates Gaana from other is the amazing UI design which is clean and modern. And it might be an ideal choice for PC users since the web version of Gaana is nice to use.


2. Saavn – Discover music

As I have mentioned above, not much features are exclusive in an app. Saavn shares similar features as Gaana does what what defines Saavn the most is its capability of helping users to discover music. You are able to find playlists created by pros and listen to online radio of artists you like. This is more important to people who does not have an determined or clear target of music and need apps to help discovering new music. As a user of Saavn, I found it really helpful that I get to know many other type of music that I have never tried and I found it amazing. And by the way you can also do your own lists. Maybe your well-designed playlists will be brought to one of the hot charts and attracts thousands of listeners!
As one of the most popular music apps in India, Saavn also owns great amount of songs covering Hindi, Bollywood, English, Indian regional songs and so forth.


3. Wynk – Ad free

Wynk, resembling the two apps above, provides users of much personalization options including playlists and radio channels.
What mignt be discouraging is the lack of web version of Wynk. This is pretty inconvenient when users want to have the same playlist in different devices by using the same account, which is a common situation nowdays. Besides this con, Wynk does a wonderful job in againsting advertising, so that you won’t be bothered by the ad jumping out beyond expectation.


4. Hungama – Convenient for frequent use

Hungama is also one of the music apps that worth recommending. There is a feature that only Hungama has and will save pretty much time for users – downloading music automatically. Whenever you are streaming, the song will be downloaded so that you won’t need to be bothered for a download or another streaming cost. It could be great to? download Hungama app? for frequent music listeners as it really increases the efficiency on music apps. But certainly, mind your storage.


There are 4 music apps here for you to choose. Just pick up the one that suits you most, and I am sure your music experience will be greatly satisfied. You can also tried much as you want by visiting Android app store like 9apps. Maybe you will find more and better than these 4.

4 Best Android Music Apps Review – Gaana, Saavn, Wynk, Hungama
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May 18, 2016

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