The true story of Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is a cartoon character, who still appears in the Warner Bros. series. Its creator was Tex Avery, who first designed a rabbit called “Happy Rabit”. Over the years, the well-regarded cartoonist Robert Mckimson added some significant changes to his figure; and his characteristic voice, was thanks to Mel Blanc.

The beginnings

The official launch of Warner’s famed rabbit took place in 1940, on July 27, with a short film titled ‘a wild hare’.

The authors of the animated cartoon, being questioned about what had been the inspiration for Bugs’ unforgettable gesture, of eating carrot chewing so particularly, responded that they had based on the film called ‘It happened on a summer night “, from the 1930s, in which the protagonist, Clarck Gable, performs the same action of chewing the carrot in that peculiar way, lying on a fence and talking as he devours the vegetable.

But Bugs Bunny eating carrot was forever recorded in the story and as the main trait of his character, which while eating it emits phrases like: “What’s new old?” “of course, will you realize it’s war?” the latter inspired by the file ‘Goose Soup’, from 1933.

Subliminal messages

This famous cartoon doesn’t escape the criticisms that revolve around the American entertainment industry, because there are those who claim that the tender character hides secrets and subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are stimuli that are sent, without us actually realizing it. They can be found in all kinds of visual formats, from advertisements, movies, posters and cartoons.

Bugs Bunny is said to be a very intelligent rabbit, who repeatedly uses violence to get out of trouble and also dresses as a woman. Repeatedly, it can be seen that he kisses animals of the same sex lustfully and also, explicit subliminal messages containing sexual content.

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The true story of Bugs Bunny
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August 31, 2019

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