The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah

Curiosities - August 28, 2019

Known as The Lovers, this card occupies in correlative order the number six position of the largest arcane in the Tarot deck. On this occasion we will describe in general terms its symbology, as well as the synthesis of most of the meanings given to it by experts in this divinatory method that apparently emerged in Italy during the fifteenth century.

In the Lovers Tarot Card we can observe two people, a man and a woman, who meet an angel, as a symbol of love and infatuation. According to some experts in symbology.

Behind it shines a huge star that represents the good fortune of these lovers, as well as the certainty that their encounter corresponds to something written in the stars. Some others point out as an important data on a symbolic level the blue color present in the angel’s hair, considering it as a sign of the great spiritual strength involved in this loving situation.

According to most tarot experts, the lovers’ card is cabalistically related to the Hebrew letter Vau. It is also associated with the sign Virgo, although in other schools it is also pointed to as an indicator of the gemini sign.

Instead, esoteric tendencies are more inclined to associate this card with the Earth element, the Taurus sign, and the autumn season. However, since they are two persons represented in the card, the prevailing interpretation is that which relates it to the sign of duality: Gemini.

For its part the numerology, being the number 6, that is three times two (2+2+2) or twice three (3+3), associates it directly with the affective bonds. So this card, according to the expert tarotists, is always related to good fortune in love, the establishment of sentimental relationships, the love of a couple,a possible wedding or the establishment of very strong bonds in a loving relationship.

Likewise, the experts in this divinatory art point out that their message can be addressed to the three different planes of existence: the spiritual, the animic and the material, areas where the card of lovers would indicate the need to act and choose.

Likewise, its appearance within a tarot reading, although it is always possible to take into account the cards with which it is accompanied, almost always indicates that the consultant will get what he expects or longs for, but that this achievement will depend on the decisions that he is should take. It also points out that it’s time to take them.

If reading is focused towards describing a person, it will almost always be a dual person, willing to change. According to tarot experts, this card almost always points out the need for the consultant to make decisions and define situations.

You can also make your interpretation in different areas of life. For example in Love, with which this card is fully related, the appearance of The Lovers can indicate the strengthening of relationships, a wedding, arrival of children to marriage. If, on the other hand, the person is single, the appearance of The Lovers in a reading may indicate the arrival of love, an upcoming romance. However, it shouldn´t be overlooked that the meaning of this card will depend entirely on the cards with which you are accompanied.

In other areas such as health, this card may indicate that it is the right time to check those even organs of the body: lungs, kidneys, ovaries, testicles, eyes, breasts. It also indicates that it is time to provide our body with more vitamins. As for business, the appearance of this card marks the appropriate time to establish relationships or associations.

According to the Tarot experts, if the aspect consulted is the economic aspect the appearance of this card indicates that it is time to make investments, but in a modest way. Because it is dominated by the planet Mercury, according to the Kabbalah, this card may also indicate good luck in chance, but also contained. Point to small or medium-sized hits and money entries for businessors or prizes.

However, the Lovers’ card also has meaning if it comes to appear inverted within a reading. However, according to some tarotists, their appearance in love is so positive that even when inverted does not indicate rupture, but a small crisis, a result of the passivity or lack of decision of the couple or any of those involved. Although it should not be forgotten that the cards next to it should also be taken into account, because for example in a reading the lovers invested next to the Tower could indicate breakage.

In relation to the other aspects, in the field of health, the card of the Lovers may indicate, if the consultant is a woman, the indicated time to have a gynecological check-up. Generally speaking,it may indicate when to review those even organs. In the job, if it appears inverted, it can indicate interpersonal conflicts. Economically it may also indicate the possibility of small losses of money or valuables.

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