The world’s largest birds

One of the most frustrated desires of today’s human being is to be able to fly through the air freely and enjoy that sense of supreme freedom as they travel the clouds at will, flying through the airs of the firmament. But birds can, though not all. In this video, we will see the largest birds in the world.

The world’s largest birds

Travelling Albatross

Within the group of birds that can fly, it is the largest on the planet. This seabird measures more than one meter with 30 centimeters in height; the bill has dimensions of 20 centimeters and a volume on the wings of 3.5 meters. Its dwelling is in the southern hemisphere.


It is the heaviest bird on the planet and with the largest size. They weigh about 190 kilos and are approximately 3 meters tall.

Condor of the Andes

Within the group of non-sea birds, largest on the planet, we find the majestic Andean condor. Its approximate wingspan is 3.5 meters and a near height of 1.5 meters.


In the set of flying birds, it is the heaviest of all. 14 kilos of weight is the average of these feathered creatures.

The Giant Moa of New Zealand

It is an extinct bird but became part of the largest on Earth. The female moas reached 5 meters high and weighed 250 kilos, on average. There are records that the last moa disappeared in the 15th century.

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The world’s largest birds
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