The true story of Satan

Curiosities, English - December 4, 2022
Image 1. The true story of Satan

In modern times, a great confusion has persisted: Lucifer is considered to be the same devil or Satan. But this is something that, according to experts, is a misinterpretation of the scriptures and we would be talking about three totally different beings. According to esotericism, Lucifer is the morning star, the bearer of light; the devil is the sexual force of every human being and Satan, that fallen angel who is mainly called: “the father of deception”. Next: “the true history of Satan”:

“The secret enemy and the father of deception”

Represented by various cultures as a black angel, horned, tailed and goat-headed. The declared enemy of divinity and light. The corrupter of every soul that comes into this world. The father of lies and deception that little by little has been taking over this world until he almost controls it completely. The antichrist whose function is to send every person to the hellish worlds and end any spiritual possibility.

These are some of the definitions that demonologists, eschatological and metaphysical scholars, have coined for this enigmatic being that several sacred texts of antiquity speak of, not only Christianity, but also the Romans in their stories about the avitchi, or the ancient Egyptians who spoke of the red demons of Seth, as well as the Buddhists, who point to Mara as the leader of the demons who control humans, steal their energy and cause them diseases, problems of all kinds and finally, physical and spiritual death.

In the case of the Bible, Satan is mentioned about 36 times. Besides, it names another being with other characteristics, called “the devil” and Lucifer as many times, even Jesus Christ himself describes himself as the “Morning Star”, just like Lucifer. But in this case we speak of the fallen angel, the pure evil represented as such in a spirit with fire, tail, horns and trident: the force contrary to God, according to the religions.

The etymology of the word Satan, leads to a better understanding of who we are talking about, since it means “the secret enemy”. Other denominations in the Bible call him “the prince of demons”, “legion of unclean spirits”, “the lord of flies”, among many others. He is often confused with Beelzebub, Belial and other evil entities, but those who know demonology are fully convinced that each is a distinct entity and that Satan is the leader.

Where does the devil live?

Sticking to the book of Revelation, Satan succeeds in deceiving all the nations of the world and implementing his reign and absolute rulership, but in the end, Christ will defeat him and send him back to the deep regions of the underworld, so that he will never again deceive humans, nor have access to Earth and heaven.

The studies of the great majority of schools anchored to metaphysics, esotericism and Gnosticism, consider that because one of the most important laws of the Universe, which dictates: “as outside is inside and as inside is outside”, there are two Satan: the one that operates and reigns in society and the world in general and the one that corrupts us from within.

In other words, everyone would carry his own Satan within himself, with all his legions of demons: anger, lust, greed, envy, pride, arrogance, vengeance, aberrations, worries, sorrows, hatreds, vices, etc.

In the outside world, based on this perspective, Satan and his black angels would be worshipped by the ruling elites, to obtain total control and power, as well as by all those famous celebrities, whether from sports, politics or show business, who according to many theories, make a satanic pact for the achievement of their dreams of pleasure.

What is the devil’s purpose?

In 1998, the Catholic Church printed the new ritual of exorcisms, which includes a list of angelic creatures that are at the service of the divinity, along with others that are considered as fallen and diabolical, which are declared to be contrary to God and Christ, dedicated to cause the spiritual perdition of man and make him also contrary to the divine plan, according to that ritual.

In addition, the Catholic book of exorcisms, which curiously coincides with several spiritualist currents, adds that the objective of the devil is to deceive all nations and declare war on those who keep the wisdom of the way to God. His modus procedendi is to tempt every individual on the face of the Earth to take pleasure in satisfying every desire imposed by him and his legions.

Gnosticism goes deeper in this regard and accuses these energetic entities, which it calls ego or satan, the set of all the psychological defects of a human being, of causing not only the spiritual deterioration of the person, but also physical deterioration at all levels. For example, falling into anger, year after year, accumulates gastric ulcers, tumors, cancer, etc.

Gnostic science affirms that all diseases are produced by these internal demons. In the four gospels, Jesus Christ also warns: “it is not from without that kills a man, but from within, for that which is within proceeds from his heart” and while he taught that the kingdom of heaven is found within each being, the same happens with Satan’s hell.

Christianity is not the only one that contemplates that there is a force contrary to the Creator of the Universe. Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and even Native American cultures have firmly believed in demonic forces that lead man to the worst of himself and the world around him. Buddha referred to this evil spirit as Mara and illustrated that there were thousands of demons of all kinds at his command. Even the ancient Egyptians believed in that creature of evil and called it Seth and his red demons.

The sages of old and of all cultures, indoctrinated their disciples to purify the soul and mind of these diabolical entities. Something that coincides in most of them is that they represented Satan as an evil serpent and God as a glorious and majestic serpent.

It was a serpent that tempted Eve in the biblical story, but at the same time a royal cobra was the staff of Moses, with which he defeated the negative serpents of the Egyptian black magicians. And Jesus Christ emphasized: “Be wise as serpents”. Satan, the serpent of evil. For some it is just a myth and popular beliefs. For others, it is a whole religion, since it exists in several nations: the Church of Satan, founded by Anton Lavey in 1966 and has thousands of followers in the world.

Other currents propose a way to confirm the veracity of these supernatural creatures and it is by using and developing the sense of psychological self-observation and in this way, it is possible to detect this multiplicity of entities working inside each individual, deceiving him and making him think that he is himself.

The old and well-known saying goes: “the devil knows more for an old man than for a devil”. Algunos le temen, otros lo ven como un gran aliado. The truth is that everything depends on the beliefs of each person, because sometimes what is bad for some is bad for others and vice versa. The things of the devil are usually very subjective.