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The mysteries of Anubis the god of Karma

The mysteries of Anubis the god of KarmaThe mysteries of Anubis the god of Karma

Almost nobody would like to think about death and everything that concerns it. The fear of death is common in almost all human beings today, most probably due to the lack of knowledge we have about it.

A good group of the world’s population considers that there is life beyond the grave and that according to the actions carried out in existence, the divinity would execute a final judgment to each soul. The ancient Egyptians believed the same, an enigmatic civilization that considered that the Divine Law is conformed by 42 judges and the god of objective justice: Anubis. Here are all the most revealing mysteries of Anubis, the god of karma:

Of all the Egyptian deities, Anubis is one of the best known and not for less, because it is that terrible spirit that must judge every detail and work of the life of an individual, the implacable and impartial judge who dictates what each one deserves, not only after death, but also during life.

That is to say, destiny or equally called by the Orientals as “karma”, the set of events that happen in existence, both good and bad, would be stipulated by the 42 supreme judges with Anubis, who impart justice. Thus, it does not matter whether or not someone observes another committing a crime, offense or sin, since the Great Tribunal sees all, hears all. Thus it is described in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Specifically, Anubis is one of the oldest known deities of the Egyptian pantheon. Within the same culture and even in others, he has received various names: “the Lord of the Necropolis”, “the one with two hearts”, “the lord of the sacred land or cemeteries”, “Lord of the embalmers” and “Lord of the caves”. He has a manly human body, and his head is that of a black jackal, too imposing and grand.

The reason why he was represented with such an impressive jackal face was to symbolize the great fear of the retribution of the same acts of the person, as an analogy to the hungry jackals prowling the cemeteries and many times Dantesque scenes were seen, when these animals managed to dig deep enough into a tomb and took out the rotten corpses to devour them.

With the passing of the centuries, the Egyptian civilization was integrally transformed and Anubis was relegated only to the role of guide of the souls when they arrive to the beyond, as well as the person in charge of the funeral process as such. In the spiritual realm, he was fervently invoked to embalm the mummies, while performing complex rituals.

The beginning of the myth

Anubis began to figure in the mythical stories of Osiris, who was originally a wise king of high power, whose brother was named Seth, who betrayed and killed him in a brutal confrontation, since Seth ambitiously desired the throne of Egypt. When Seth triumphed, he dismembered the body of Osiris in 14 parts and then distributed them throughout the nation so that he would never be found.

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The queen, wife of Osiris, was called Isis. She, in painful mourning for her deceased husband, was determined to pick up piece by piece of the corpse and put it back together again. She succeeded, but failed to find the penis, because piranhas of the Nile devoured it. But Isis had the powers of a goddess and was able to create a golden replica of the virile member.

As soon as the pieces were fitted into the body, he went to Anubis in the tenebrous necropolis, because he knew that he handled the most powerful occult arts and with this knowledge, he would bring Osiris back to life. Osiris, the great hierarch, finally came back to life and soon after, they begot a firstborn son called Horus, who would defeat the diabolical Seth. In the end, Osiris leaves his family behind and dedicates himself to rule the world of the dead, together with Anubis, the supreme priest of justice.

Lord Anubis, the highest Egyptian priest with all the wisdom of the universe. “Lord of secrets” as he was called by the wise men; knowing all the most tremendous rituals and the most unsuspected magical techniques. All this has been compiled from the millenary hieroglyphics found through the last centuries and great researches.

The final judgment of the souls

In those archaic times where Egyptian wisdom flourished, a ritual had to be carried out by each person in life, in order not to be condemned by Anubis in the judgment of his soul; this ritual was called the Arcanum AZF and was explained by the knowledge of Metraton revealed to Hermes Trismegistro, in the mysteries of Kabalah and Alchemy.

This ritual consisted in practicing a kind of spiritual sex, in which both members of the couple abstain from orgasm and by means of the special technique of the Arcanum AZF, they made the sexual energy ascend through the medullar channel until it was taken to the brain and in this way, all the supernatural powers were awakened in them. At death, Anubis and his Supreme Tribunal look at the spinal column of each deceased; if they did not find sexual fire fused in the vertebrae, that soul would be condemned to the infernal regions of Seth.

Likewise, they believed that within each person dwell thousands of demonic entities that continuously live absorbing the energies of humans, making them experience negative emotions and low passions, as well as leading them to commit terrible deeds. They were called: the red demons of Seth.

Anubis, great hierarch of the Divine Law, reviews in that terrible final judgment of the soul of the dying, the times in which the individual fell into the temptations of those demons. But if that soul was purified of such blemishes in life and worked with the sexual mysteries of the sacred cobra, ascending it through the column up to the middlebrow, Anubis would send him to paradisiacal regions or even grant him eternal life.

In case the deceased was entitled to another physical body, according to his good or bad deeds, he would be dictated a certain karma for his next existence as a human, as a new opportunity for him to eliminate all the red demons of Seth and work with the secret key of the Arcanum of Hermes Trismegistro. According to this mythology, this applies to all human souls that dwell on the face of the Earth, of all times and cultures.

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