3 styles of smartphones each designed for a specific type of Indian person

3 styles of smartphones each designed for a specific type of Indian person

When the first mobile phone hit the market, we never imagined how indispensable it would become to our lives. Today, through this device, we communicate, we save memories through photographic images, we read the news, we consult the same information for which we used to go to the library … in short, usually we take smartphones for granted in terms of what they mean for our lives.

There are so many needs that we have assigned to a smartphone, that currently there are hundreds of models that are adapted to the needs of each person, and also to people’s lifestyles. Here is a brief analysis of this topic:


Being an entrepreneur or having a very important position in a large company requires taking on many responsibilities. That is why the care of a personal assistant is essential for these people. Have you ever wondered why Siri or Alexa was created? Definitely, to take your personal assistant everywhere and thus be able to keep track of an agenda, add and modify things, but above all, never fail with the reminders. In a world that is moving faster and faster, artificial intelligence has taken over.

In addition, for this type of people, the security measures available to apply to their device are essential. Thus, we can find a variety of devices with fingerprint or iris sensors, which not only work to block or unblock but to access certain files and financial applications.


Currently, there are countless games available for mobile phones, which is the result of the great demand that exists from a gamer public. In India, the development of software is now a business sector that is constantly growing, opening the doors to many creatives and experts on the subject who previously did not find their space.

Anyway, for those who love games, to the point that they integrate them into their lifestyle, there are certain popular phones for gaming, which meet the needs required to provide an optimal experience, including a 3500mAh battery or above.

Artistic spirits

Photographers, designers, readers and also dreamers. Without a doubt, they all have artistic inclinations and smartphones become their main tool for storing images, references, digital books, and everything that helps them create, learn and reach their goals.

For this reason, there are devices with cameras that have better resolution than others, different functionalities and tools. Also, the storage capacity in these terms becomes essential. We can find cellphones with 16GB / 32GB / 64GB or more, precisely to adapt to the needs of each person.

And, what if I do not identify myself with any of these types?

Of course, there are many, many other types of people. Influencers, partygoers, parents with children, singles … but for this article, we wanted to highlight just a few to motivate you to find the cell phone that best suits you. How? By making a list of the existing functionalities in a mobile that you think will help you meet your daily goals and make your life easier.

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