‘We are streaming, motherfuckers!’: Netflix is the first series of the Coen brothers

Joel Ethan Coen

As as I discussed earlier this year, the bright and sizzling brothers Joel and Ethan Coen have a project between the hands of the more palatable: nothing more and nothing less that an anthology made up of six parallel stories set in the border of the Old American West, which will be released under the title of ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’. So far, nothing new under the Sun.

The news have come today, seven months after the official announcement of the development of the series, and have to do with where it will be distributed the production of Annapurna Pictures, designed to have a launch in film and television simultaneously. It has been, again, the —ever-more— powerful Netflix, just purchased the editorial Millarworld, which has given a blow on the table by taking the rights of the show from the Coens, that will come throughout 2018.

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The cry of “We are streaming, motherfuckers!” — ‘ we’re in streaming, hijoputas!”*— Joel and Ethan Coen have confirmed the agreement with the VOD platform for issue which would be their first series —recall that your creative relationship with ‘Fargo’ is-null—. For his part, the Vice-president of Original Content from Netflix, Cindy Holland, has gilded the pill of the authors in the following official statement:

“The Coens are directors, visionaries, teachers, storytellers, and a few linguists original. We are thrilled that Netflix will become the home of all and each one of your talents.”

By the time they have not transcended details on ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’, beyond that it is in the phase of production in New Mexico, the Coens will write and direct all six episodes, and that Tim Blake Nelson is the only performer confirmed so far, rumoreándose with force names such as James Franco, the Zoe Kazan, and Ralph Ineson. It is in Netflix or in any other part, the desire to see the new foreplay of these geniuses with the western are stratospheric.

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‘We are streaming, motherfuckers!’: Netflix is the first series of the Coen brothers
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August 10, 2017

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