TeenSafe Review- The Best App to Track Your Kid’s Phone Location

Use TeenSafe, the best app to track your kid’s phone location. There’s no jailbreak or root required. All the results are displayed on your online dashboard. Stealth mode operation.

Allowing your kids to go outside and play with friends or neighbors makes you their favorite parent. If you have teenagers, you may even grant them permission to hang out with their buddy’s miles away.

Now, what makes you a great parent is making sure you’re aware of their location at all times. You can’t just take their word for it. If your children are like most and have their phones with them everywhere, you can easily track their location.

The TeenSafe GPS location tracker is extremely useful. You can use the app to keep an eye on your kids and ensure safety. It can also help you discover the truth behind your kid’s current behavior. Read on for more details.

Part 1: How to Track Your Kid’s Phone Location

There is a variety of tracking apps available online. However, most of these apps are fraudulent and will cause more harm than good. Why TeenSafe?  You may ask. 

TeenSafe is a private location tracker. You can use it to monitor your kid without ANY compromise on your privacy. It doesn’t store your personal data or make them accessible to anyone. It’s a secure and trustworthy app, which isn’t the case with other solutions.

TeenSafe – A Powerful Real-Time Location Tracker

If you are wondering if TeenSafe actually works, yes, it does.  More than a million different users across 190+ countries in the globe can testify to this. Indeed, many respectable publications such as Mac World, CNET, PCMag, Forbes have reviewed it and find it exemplary.

With TeenSafe, you can track both Android as well as iOS devices.  You don’t need any advanced technical skills or knowledge. The essential requirement includes a PC /phone with an internet connection.

Make sure you visit this page to find your kid’s phone location and to see the TeenSafe app in action.  

Part 2: How to Track Your Kid’s Phone Location Using TeenSafe

As I mentioned before, TeenSafe on iOS doesn’t require you to touch the target device even once. While for an Android phone, you need one-time access to the kid’s phone to configure the app. Follow these steps to see how it goes:

Step 1: Create an account with TeenSafe on the signup page. 

Step 2: Pick the subscription plan you want to buy based on the operating system you wish to track. 

Step 3: On the setup wizard, enter your kid’s name, age, and select linked device OS.  

Step 4: Follow the guide to configure TeenSafe automatically.

           4(a): For iPhone, verify kids’ iCloud credentials and wait for syncing.

         4(b):  Use the link sent on the guide to download and install the TeenSafe app on the target phone.

Step 5:  Log on to your control panel from a remote device. Once in your TeenSafe dashboard, click on the “location” drop-down menu. You can now track the real-time location of your kids here.

The location log below the map provides; real-time location and past location. Each location’s entries and exits come with a timestamp that includes date and time.

Part 3: What Else Can You Do with TeenSafe

While TeenSafe allows you to track your kid’s GPS location, it isn’t the only thing it can do. Once you get your subscription plan, there are over 30 incredible features that’ll help you keep your kid safe.


Geo-fencing is a cool feature that allows you to set a geo-fence for the kids. By doing so, you create a boundary on the map. Whenever your child crosses the set perimeter, you’ll get an alert.


TeenSafe unique keylogger records all the keystrokes typed by your kid. These keystrokes are then arranged according to the app they are made. You’ll see everything, including messages, usernames, and passwords.

Social Media Monitor

The app helps you monitor your child’s social media chats. You can control what your kids post on their Instagram handles and other networks. You can even see the deleted messages.

Website Monitor

Use a website monitor to see and analyze your children’s browsing history. You can even restrict access to any specific website for more control.

Part 4: Why TeenSafe is the Best Phone Tracker on the Internet  

No Root or Jailbreak

Due to its high-end technology, TeenSafe works without rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. Therefore, there’s no compromise of the device security, data, and warranty.

Web-based Interface

You don’t need to install any app on your phone/PC to track your kid’s location. TeenSafe can be opened up in any web browser, allowing remote monitoring.

Stealth Mode

As I mentioned before, TeenSafe always operates in stealth mode in both Android and iOS devices. The Android app runs in the background quietly without triggering any notification. Your kids will never suspect you’re tracking their location.

Easy Setup and Use

TeenSafe only takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Once it’s ready, you’ll find its dashboard is created, keeping your convenience in mind. All the features are a click away and can be accessed easily through the left panel.

100% Secure

Data security is a major concern; however, you can trust TeenSafe with your data. It’s safe and free from viruses and malware. As a result, millions of users throughout the world are currently subscribers.  

Cheap Pricing Model

TeenSafe prices are so affordable and flexible. You’ll be surprised at how it offers so many features at such low prices.


Parenting can be overwhelming, especially during family outings such as festivals or amusement parks. It’s not easy to keep an eye on all of your kids, even when you’re on the lookout. 

Finding the right child tracking app can be a challenge. Luckily, you are on the right blog. You can use the TeenSafe solution outlined above. It’s reliable, secure, powerful, and, most importantly, discreet.

TeenSafe Review- The Best App to Track Your Kid’s Phone Location
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September 18, 2020

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