The True Story of SpongeBob

SpongeBob is an animated television series created in the United States by Stiven Jilenburg, who is a marine biologist. In English, it also bears the name Skueir Pants, meaning square trousers, which clearly alludes to SpongeBob’s geometric shape and, according to its creator, sounded good.

The True Story of SpongeBob

The first episode premiered in 1999, it was a pilot episode, a test to see if it would have any impact. The point is that in the year 2000, just a year later the yellow character was already a celebrity, it reached more countries and films were being made.

Bob’s story unfolds deep in the Pacific Ocean, in the city known as the Bikini Fund, where he lives with his snail Gary inside a pineapple. His work is as a cook and he has an extraordinary facility to get into all kinds of problems with Calamardo, Patricio and Arenita cheeks, mainly.Bob also loves hunting jellyfish for unclear reasons and, perhaps one of his attractions, his smile, an aspect that makes him loved and hated.

Some consider that Jilenburg found something under the bottom of the sea and wanted to share it. It would be the nuclear tests carried out in the sea, which would have negatively affected the ecosystem, causing an atypical behavior, even as if they were under the effect of drugs and hallucinogens.

On the other hand, Bob doesn´t have a defined sexuality. His name would make us think that he is masculine,however his personality looks a little effeminate and, even, it was vetoed in some countries because it was considered an apology for homosexuality, something that has also been attributed to other characters such as the pink panther.

But beyond all this, beyond whether sponge Bob really tries to transmit a pattern of homosexuality or drug addiction where everyone lives in an altered state of consciousness, the truth is that the stardom of this funny aquatic character has not stopped there and, in 2013.SpongeBob was catalogued as the eighth largest cartoon in history.


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