Nostradamus and the arrival of Hercolubus in the year 2043

Curiosities - January 1, 2020

Since the world is a world and since the memory is remembered, the human being has always had a part of himself that thinks about a fatalistic destiny, and speculates about the end of the world and, even when the planet will irremediably come to an end in the future, some think it could be around the corner.

Image 1. Nostradamus and the arrival of Hercolubus in the year 2043

Today, there is a lot of talk about a possible planet thousands of times bigger than Earth, which is rapidly approaching us. The curious thing is that this information does not come from an exclusive source, but that dozens and dozens of illustrious characters and ancient civilizations also predicted it, only with different names.

Michael of Nostradamus, in his famous Prophetic Centuries, exactly in prophecy number 996, Centuria 1, quatrain 84 says: “The moon darkened in deep darkness, his brother (the sun) will become ferruginous, the great hidden long time under the darkness, iron will warm in the bloody prey “.

The students of the different branches of the Occult Sciences,assure that it refers clearly to Hercolubus, the Red Planet. According to them, it is a planet six times bigger than Jupiter and thousands of times bigger than Earth. In addition, that the shock that will occur, about the year 2043, will not be physical but electromagnetic, since that giant red planet will pass too close and the laws of gravity and other forces will cause a terrible catastrophe.

In the century of Nostradamus, analysts find that the great clairvoyant genius predicted a few days where the sun will no longer shine, because the enormous force of gravity exerted by Hercolubus on our planet, will erupt all volcanoes, as is happening in these instants in an increasing way.

Truth or lie, we will wait until the year 2043 to see what happens, if perhaps this time the interpreters of the famous seer and prophet hit or if, as has happened before, it was just a fraud, a misinterpretation, well intentioned or not.