What happens if you are bitten by a spider?

What happens if you are bitten by a spider?

Spiders are hidden everywhere and, although we don’t like them very much, they coexist with people. They are almost never channels for the transmission of viral diseases and nature has assigned them a very important function in the ecosystem, which is precisely to control mosquito plagues, the same ones that spread human health problems.

But yes, if a spider bites someone, it can generate an allergic reaction, as for example if it is a dreaded black widow, or the brown recluse, which could even lead to death. But it is possible to avoid falling victim to one of these furry little friends with numerous legs and unattractive fangs, if you take the appropriate measures. This time we present: What happens if you are bitten by a spider?

Most arachnid bites involve only minor damage. But certain spiders can be very risky and if you have been bitten, you should go to the nearest hospital emergency room as long as the following factors are met:

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If you experience severe pain, unbearable cramping or a rapidly increasing ulcer in the area of the skin that was stung.

If breathing is affected

According to specialists, the following precautions should be taken in case of being bitten by a spider:

The first thing to keep in mind, is to clean the wound area. It is something simple: only soap and water are required and after washing and rinsing, an antibiotic ointment should be used.

A cold compress should be used and for this purpose it is necessary to have a towel moistened with ice or simply with water. By placing it on the bite, the inflammation and the painful sensation are notably reduced. If the spider has bitten an extremity, such as the legs or arms, it is advisable to elevate them. 

If the pain is very strong and persists, it is advisable to take an analgesic. But if there is itching in the wound, the cure lies in antihistamines.

If it was a black widow

It is almost always possible to identify one of these terrible legged hairy ones, through a mark on their belly, with a shape very similar to that of an hourglass. In U.S. territories, it is more common in southern regions. The main symptoms when bitten by one of these are:

It starts with a slight swelling and small red welts. It is followed by severe pain and stiffness, intense abdominal spasms or severe cramping, fever, vomiting and chills.

If it was a brown recluse spider

This class of spiders can be identified because they have a marking on the top, much like a violin, but it can be difficult to do so. In the USA, they are common in central and southern states. Symptoms of their tenacious bite vary, but are mainly as follows:

It starts with mild pain, followed by reddening of the skin and increased painful sensation. A dark blue color begins to surround the bite wound, which in turn is bordered by a red ring.

If it was a house spider bite.

Some doctors warn that this can be life-threatening and that it is vitally important to go to a health center immediately the incident occurs. When the seasons change, cases of spider bites increase.

Doctors proceed by immobilizing the part of the body affected by the spider, since the venom spreads through the lymphatic system and spreads throughout the body.  It is not at all advisable to try to extract the venom, nor to add any liquid or substance on the bite. The pain is intense and it is possible that vital organs such as the kidneys may be affected, leading to acute renal failure or multi-organ failure and death.

Therefore, special care should be taken to clean under furniture and beds, as well as behind curtains, closets, cupboards, drawers, closets, inside shoes, dark rooms, warm places, boxes, garbage containers, etc.

Have you ever been bitten by a spider?

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