Spider sisters: extreme bodies and overcoming

In the world there are true extreme bodies that defy imagination. In this case, and as if they were part of some fictional film, we find the case of Siamese sisters who were born in quite strange and amazing conditions, in a town located in Bengal.

Ganga and Jamuna Mondal, as they are called and whose real names are Ayara and Jayara Ratun. They were born united by the waist, share the liver and the reproductive system and have only 3 legs; they got the nickname of “the spider sisters”,in the circus where they work in the city of Bengal, because they have to walk helping each other with their arms.

They were born with that rare physical union, but they not only share the body, but they can also feel the same emotions, because for them too the bond they have is something inexplicable. That is to say, when one feels happy, the other feels happy too. Or when one feels angry, the other too.

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Not that it always happens, but it is something that is usual in them. Because of this condition, the family abandoned them when they were just children.Having no other choice, they decided to form part of a circus that travels all over India, offering several shows; the one they star in is one of the most famous and applauded.

Most of their lives have been victims of rejection and repudiation, but fortunately, both claim to have found the love of their lives at the age of 22. This is Jasimuddin Ahmad, a man who stands out as a teacher in a school in a small town in India and with whom they fathered a son, who was born by Caesarean section but died hours later due to heart complications.

They are a clear example that all limitations are mental,as they show that you can live, even in these conditions. Undoubtedly an example of overcoming.

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