The Tarot Wizard´s Card Meaning: Kabbalah

The Wizard is the number one card of the Tarot’s lesser arcane. On this occasion we will try to synthesize most interpretations made of it by scholars of this carmantic method that apparently originated during the fifteenth century in Italy, so that the person can handle the symbology related to this deck.

The Tarot Wizard´s Card Meaning: Kabbalah

The Beginning of Magic

In it you can see a man, who stands, in front of a table where the symbols of each of the sticks in which the lesser arcanes are divided, that is, a glass, a gold coin, a sword and in the hand holds a wooden barite, symbolizing the bastos. For some tarotists this card notes that the person has all the elements available to succeed in the aspect he consults.

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Continuing with the symbolic description of this card, you can see that his right hand is libe, some interpret this as the indication that the respondent is free to act and do. Also some specialists indicate that the man’s hat depicted in this chart symbolizes infinity.

Likewise their feet have a meaning for tarot players, who point out that the position of each limb symbolizes the past (foot facing left) and the future (foot facing to the right). It also highlights in importance the number of legs that the table has where the four elements are supported, which has no four legs, but three, which for some is directly related to the triad or the most holy trinity.

Also, other elements appear in this card such as a basket with herbs that is interpreted by some as a symbol of harmony. His suit identifies a belt that for some symbolizes the line separating the lower and upper world.

Likewise, the brown earth on which The Wizard rests is interpreted by many as the divine that rests on the material, although there are those who also point to this element as a symbol of work.

As for its cabalistic meaning, the Wizard´s card is related to the Hebrew letter Aleph, so within a tarot reading you can take this letter as indicative of the letter A. Also for symbology specialists this deck represents the planet Mercury.

For its part, numerology identifies the Wizard´s card with the number one, which for this science symbolizes antagonism, unity, the principle of ode activity, intelligence, origin.

Likewise, according to the esoteric interpretation, the menu of The Wizard is linked to the element Air, the planet Mars and the sign Aries. It is also related to Winter, so in a reading this interpretation can be used to indicate the time where an event passed, passed or will take place.

Within a tarot reading, even though its meaning will be given by the cards with which he is accompanied,the The Wizard´s card symbolizes that the person has all the possibilities open to get his mission or desire, as well as the open paths for his triu Nfo.

It also symbolizes the energy and impetus of life. Likewise, its reading can be given on several planes: at the intellectual level this chart symbolizes consciousness, wisdom. On the material side it relates more to impulse, courage, strength, will and energy.

It is almost always interpreted by tarotists as a positive card, whose meaning sheds more light on work, business and studies than on the love part. In this sense his appearance within a reading symbolizes that the person has a high chance of achieving the goal that was set. It is of great importance if it is the first card to be read, for its meaning takes on strength.

Similarly, tarot specialists point out that if the person consulted is going through a crisis or ruin, The Magician’s card states that this person has all the elements and strength to get up once more and start again as many times as possible Necessary.

On the other hand, this card can also be interpreted to identify within the reading another person related to the one you consult. In this sense, The Wizard (if he appears right) regularly represents a mature man with power, either the owner of a business, the head of a company, a politician. Taking into account the accompanying cards could also represent a young man, but with a lot of energy, impetus and a great spirit of entrepreneurship.

Likewise, The Magician always warns about the beginning or beginning of a process. In Health, according to tarotists,indicates the beginning of a phase of high energy and health. At work the appearance of this card also reveals good aspects, as it would be pointing out willingness for work, for planning and creativity.

In love he points out that the paths are open and the resolution of conflicts in the hands of those involved, especially in the person who consults. For its part, the economic aspect in light of this card represents success, an auspicious time to associate, or an early rise or wage increase.

However, tarot cards also have a meaning if they appear inverted within a reading. In the specific case of the wizard’s card, its appearance upside down represent negative aspects. For example at work it indicates that it isn´t time to make decisions, but to wait patiently or to advise properly.

In love it can indicate relationship changes, the inability to comfort, or establish a love bond. On the economic side, this inverted card points to a moment of savings and prudence. In health, the card from The Wizard may indicate digestive problems as well as other symptoms linked to stress.

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