How much does the soul weigh?

Speaking of both soul and spirit, is a thorny issue because its existence has not yet been officially demonstrated, but it is already being talked about as having weight. Science neither affirms nor denies its existence, something that does not happen with the religion that boldly affirms that it exists, and not only that it exists but that, in some religions, it is even spoken of certain places to which it could go, after the death of the body.

How much does the soul weigh?

A scientific fact that has caused great stir

Beyond all this, since the 90s, it has been officially confirmed that the soul has a weight and that it is Energy. Although really, Anthropology had realized that ancient civilizations and indigenous peoples already knew it millennia ago, but in regard to our modern civilization, not long ago they began scientific experiments on the human soul.

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An experiment conducted in 1996, at the University of Michigan, showed that a newly deceased loses 21 grams of weight at the moment of death. For this, they used 540 people who were dying, on stretchers with electronic scales of extreme precision.

So in that way, everything seems to indicate that the soul weighs 21 grams. A scientist named Duncan McDougall, in the early twentieth century was devoted obsessively to take the weight of the dying, in previous moments of death and later. So it was that McDougall since 1907 already knew of the existence and weight of the soul, obtaining as a result always 21 grams of difference.

The physicists who have pronounced themselves in this regard, assert that for 21 grams of mass to be transformed in an instant into energy, it must produce a beam of light. The curious thing about all this, is that the famous doctor McDougall says to have observed a bright light leave the body of 12 dying people.


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