The ugliest people in the world

Beauty is only a pattern that sets the same society and that somewhere is considered beautiful, elsewhere it is the opposite.Beauty is only a perception that varies from person to person, from place to place and culture to culture.

However, in the West, some people, by certain features have been considered the ugliest people in the world. The following images have been recovered from different sites and there is no further reference about each of the people, except that they attract attention by its atypical physical characteristics.


The ugliest people in the worldNo doubt this ugly excels not only by the absence of a good part of his lower teeth, but because only two teeth that has come out of his lips. His ears, his beard and eyes are also striking.

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A Simpsons in real life

The ugliest people in the worldIn the case of this man and except for his prominent eyes that come out a little of normal, he could well go unnoticed until he laughs and the whole set is peculiar and striking.


The ugliest people in the worldHalf of the nose down, everything goes well, the problem is when we look at half of the nose up. Strange orientation of the eyes, to finish with a haircut that is not possible to see anywhere else.

“The most beautiful smile in the world”

The ugliest people in the worldStreet residents don’t often have the best appearance, or her wardrobe by the care of his body or by the shape of your face, but this man definitely has a set of teeth from another world, and impossible gums.

What happens to be in a bad mood

The ugliest people in the worldGrin making enough support, but without it, is not that it can greatly improve. Apart from this your body looks very thin and its head, in consequence, disproportionately large.

A primor

The ugliest people in the worldThis woman has a type of these almost impossible dentures, apart from this your laughter or your hair help anything and seems to have had a life of street, because by their gesture and the shape of your face.

Takes shape the smile, which joins a strange set of teeth and gum seems to be what most power ‘ugliness’ of these people. Of course, that does not stop them smiling and who thus spend wonder.

Elizabeth “Lizzie”

The ugliest people in the worldHis real name is Ann Velásquez, a classic and an icon. It is often considered “the ugliest woman in the world”. A degenerative disease is the cause, but this does not prevent you to be motivating, writer and speaker. Without a doubt, an example of woman.

And believe it or not, many of them are single and are happy in their relationships, since their feelings and inner beauty, for some people prevail more than physical appearance. Perfectly apply that saying that the letter says: “nothing is what it seems”. These people by his ugliness, became even more famous than many with cute faces, but ignored by all.

Some people could be very nice on the outside, but horrible on the inside and vice versa. In addition, everything is a matter of taste.

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