The Sun’s Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah


The Sun’s Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah

Called The Sun, this card occupies in correlative order the nineteenth place of the Tarot’s Major Arcanes. In this article we will try to present a synthesis of the symbolic features as well as the interpretations that scholars of this oracle make of this oracle that emerged approximately in the Middle Ages in Italy.

In this deck you can see a radiant sun that dominates the entire card. His rays illuminate everything beneath him.On the ground a child with almost no clothes, on a white horse, receives its light. This symbol is interpreted as a sign of happiness, triumph, love, friendship, peace, light, purity, tranquility and reconciliation.

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Almost always the presence of this card is taken as an announcement of fertility, pregnancy, marriage and success in what the consultant proposes. It is an extremely positive card, and thereare those who advise to visualize or take it and concentrate on it to bring happiness to life.


So too the other schools of thought associate it with specific symbols. For example, for the Cabalisticsthe Sun’s Card is connected with the Hebrew letter Goph and the sign Gemini. On the contrary, esotericism prefers to relate it to the starsign Pisces, as well as to the element Fire. For its part for numerology this chart represents the number nineteen, which for those who know in this discipline is linked to balance, life, vital energy.

As for his specific interpretations, the Sun’s card bodes very well in all planes of existence. For example, for the spiritual plane this chart indicates the balance, the harmonious union of the material with the spiritual. In the emotional realm, The Sun´s card refers to a state of internal well-being. In terms of material, The Sun speaks of a moment where creativity is used to build positive things and processes.

Although the cards surrounding it must also be taken into account in order to conclude exactly its meaning, the presence of this card, in a consultation where you want to know the final result of a situation, announces a totally favorable result, where you will get what you want. If, on the contrary, a specific person is to be identified, it can be interpreted as a sign of a frank, sincere, charismatic and happy individual.

As for the love field, the appearance of the Sun’s card heralds a relationship full of love and happiness. You can also point out upcoming weddings, which will set the announcement of a beautiful home. Children can also be indicated by the arrival of children. It can also indicate the strong character of the couple.

As for Health, the presence of this card always indicates good physical and mental moments. In the area of work the presence of the Sun´s card  indicates that it is the right time to start new companies, businesses or associations.

If the consultant is thinking about switching jobs, the presence of this card indicates that it is a good time to do so.The economic plane is also well aspected in the presence of this card, which brings with it good news, announcing that the investments that are made will be fruitful. You can also tell about upcoming inheritances or debt collection.

Alongside the other cards that make up this divinatory method, The Sun also has a meaning if it comes to appear inverted, that is, head. In this case, its meaning is not so positive, being able instead to announce not-so-pleasant moments. For example, in the area of love, this card may indicate possible breakages with the partner, so the consultant is advised to pay attention to cultivating the love he shares with his partner. It also indicates that it is time to attend to friendships.

Some experts in cartomancia claim that the presence of this card notifies the consultant of the possibility of establishing a romantic adventure with a friend, which leads to the end of the friendship.

And if it appears inverted

At the health level, this inverted card may refer to moments of low activity and vitality, so it is advisable to keep some rest and even taking vitamins (which should always be monitored by your trusted doctor) in order to resume strength. As for the work, the presence of the Sun’s card may indicate that more concentration will be required to avoid falling into errors.

For the economic plane the presence of The inverted Sun doesn´t mean economic problems, however it is necessary not to overspend. This card advises you to exercise caution. Likewise, if the consultation is made to review how the consultant will leave for the signing of a contract or the establishment of new businesses, the presence of this inverted card may be announcing to the consultant that his new company will suffer delays in his Operation.

Similarly, this card warns that the winnings even if they will arrive will not be as many as expected.

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