The Judgment Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah


Known as The Judgment, this card ranks twentyth within the Great Arcane of the Tarot. On this occasion we want to present a summary of the symbolic features of this deck, as well as most interpretations that experts make of it in this divinatory method, used as an oracle since the eighteenth century, although some fix its origin in the Italy of the Middle Ages.

The Judgment Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah

In the The Judgment card we can see head on the figure of a winged angel, which most tarotists agree to identify as St. Gabriel Archangel, who stands in the middle of an immense cloud, through which the sun’s rays sneak.  Down on the ground, as if coming out of his last abodes, are three human figures, who rise to greet when they are angelic. For some this card expressly refers to the day of the Last Judgment.

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The nudity that covers the people represented in this deck apparently refers to the impartiality with which Christian currents believe that all people will be judged when the day of the end of the world comes.


Generally speaking, most experts in this divinatory method point out that the Judgment card refers to a crucial moment in existence, where it is necessary to succeed or seek new goals, that is, this card points out to the consultant that the decision-making, seeking to implement radical changes in life.

According to the tarotists this card marks the need for the person who consults to renew his life or the aspect of his life for which he asks. It is time to abandon the old projects to take on new ones, or see how they can be renewed, because it is time of rebirth.

Likewise, different streams of thought associatethis chart with other symbols. For example, for the Cabalistics the The Judgment card is related to the Hebrew Letter Resh, as well as to the sign Aquarius. On the other hand, for numerology this card represents the number twenty, which is interpreted for followers of this philosophy as a sign of good health, of renewal. For esotericism, on the other hand, The Judgment card refers to the planet Saturn and the Element Air.

Likewise, tarotists attribute to this card different interpretations according to the vital area being analyzed. For example, at the material level, the presence of this card notifies the consultant that the good or situation for which it asks has the status of temporary.

On the contrary, if the question is directed towards the emotional field, the appearance of this card may be referring to the capacity or necessity, of the person asking the question or the person on which he asks, to understand one’s existence, that is, an internal search process is undergoing. On the spiritual level, the cartomantics point out that the The Judgment card indicates the union between the earthly and the divine.

However, it should not be forgotten that the meaning of this card should always be analyzed in context, for it is the cards that surround it that would actually be telling us whether its meaning is positive or not.

In this sense, The Judgment card also has a meaning if the consultant tries to clarify what the end result of a situation will look like, in which case this card would be announcing the total triumph over a process. However, it also warns him of the changes that would be taking place on the process, however, this card always points to positive changes, according to the opinion of the tarotists.

In case the consultant is interested in identifying a specific person within the reading, the presence of the card from The Judgment would tell someone who is in the process of starting a new life, or giving themselves a second chance. It can even be someone who is living or living a reconciliation with your partner or family.

As for the love plane, The Judgment card also speaks of rebirth, so it can appear to announce the arrival of a new love. It also indicates a moment of renewal as a couple, reconciliation if they are separated. As for health, this card announces to the consultant that it is time to take care of falls and monitor their diet, as some discomfort in the joints such as pain or inflammation may occur.

In the field of work, the presence of this card warns the consultant that it is time to be cautious because he runs the risk of committing some recklessness with colleagues or bosses, which would bring inconveniencein his work environment. In the economic area this chart brings omens of small prizes through contests or games of chance, however they will not be representative at all.

And if it appears inverted

Like the rest of the Tarot cards, the judgment card also features an interpretation if it appears inverted, that is, head. As for the loving aspect, the appearanceof this card in reverse announces negative moments in the couple. If the person is single, they are advised to refrain from starting a new relationship.

As for health, you are advised to go to the doctor, as well as not neglect your diet or habits. For the work level this inverted card implies bad omens, in which case it may even involve the loss of work. As for money, the presence of The Judgment may be warning about the time of prudence and not falling into unnecessary expenses, on the contrary this card warns about the importance of saving.

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