Sealand, the smallest country in the world

This is one of the curiosities of our planet, which definitely gives everything. This is Sealand, the smallest country in the world, consisting of nothing more than a marine platform mounted on two huge pillars resting on the sea and which is claimed by Roy Bates as a sovereign country.

Sealand, the smallest country in the world

A whole rarity

The official name of this country is Principality of Sealand, and is located in Europe, 10 kilometers off the coast of Great Britain, in the North Sea and conformed by the Roughs Tower marine platform.It is a self-proclaimed sovereign state on September 2, 1967 and, although it is not yet recognized as such, internationally it is considered a micro-nation.

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The Principality of Sealand is a hereditary constitutional monarchy,and the current monarch is Roy Bates.

Despite its small size, Sealand has its own currency, the dollar slender, which began to mint in 1975, has badges such as flag, shield, anthem, its own constitution issued in 1975 and even football team, which is a Danish team who trains and plays outside of Sealand. The population in this self-proclaimed country is approximately 20 people (although it had 300 British naval personnel during the Second World War), the official language is English and the dialect is syllenic.

The economy is based mainly on fishing and the sale of noble titles and distinctions that are made through the internet; its inhabitants make their own water drinkable and import the products they are not able to manufacture.

The history of Sealand begins with the Second World War. England had built in 1942 several antiaircraft platforms for the conflict and had put several guns in them. With the resolution of this, the platforms were destroyed. However, the same did not happen with Sealand, since it was outside the territorial waters.

In 1956 it was abandoned, however,in 1967 Paddy Roy Bates occupied it. Subsequently there were several incidents in which Sealand was involved. The authorities in Britain were approached, but a judge said he could not take the case because what happened was outside British territorial waters. This, of course, is used by the Bates family to defend de facto sovereignty.

Beyond all, Sealand has become a curiosity and, even, sometimes it is shownas an example in international law of the sovereignty of the states through the constitutive and declaratory way.

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