Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


Page of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Named Page of Wands, this card occupies the eleventh position of the Suit of Wands of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we want to present a synthesis of the main symbolic features, as well as of the general interpretations that are conferred on this deck by the experts in this divinatory method, apparently emerged in medieval Italy.

In this card we can see the print of a young traveler, who is engrossed in the contemplation of his staff on the way, as if he wanted to read in him some kind of inscription, or as if he were thinking deeply in the next step to take. Behind it are unfolded on the horizon three pyramids, which are interpreted by some scholars of symbology as the representation of the three fields of existence: spiritual, mental and physical.

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Likewise in his attire you can see ornaments made with the figure of the salamander, mythological animal, guardian of fire. However, according to tarot experts, salamanders come to embroider this young man’s suit in signaling the projects that are about to be completed or are pending.


In light of what the cartomantics specialists in the tarot dictate, the four jacks of the four suits almost always point to children or teenagers, or that part of us decomplicated and given to adventure, as well as are messengers or messages that arrive for p to remind us of the playful side of life and the opportunities it entails. In the specific case of the Page of Wands, its appearance may be bringing a message to start over but from the passion.

According to this, the presence of this card in a consultation about a specific area presents us with a restart, but connected from our passion, creativity and strength. It also reminds the consultant of the importance of not leaving aside their talents, but on the contrary rescuing, feeding and using them, to be prepared for the new job and academic opportunities that the presence of the Page of Wands also comes to announce with his presence.

As for the specific plans of existence this card also has specific meanings, for example, in the work level, the Page of Wands talks about presenting new opportunities, which may have much more to do with what we really full and satisfies, because we probably won’t find ourselves in a position that we like.

In this sense the consultant must be willing to change. However, this card also speaks of the importance of constantly reviewing the attitudes we have towards our obligations,because we often put aside the sense of play, fun and joy regarding the activity we do. In this way, the Page of Wands appears to remind us of the importance of loving what we do, and not forgetting it.

For its part the loving plane looks well aspected, because the presence of this card augurs the arrival of moments of passion. However,it must be clear that they are only: moments, since this card brings with it the quality of adventure, of living the moment.

If a consultation is suddenly being made in order to evaluate a person’s feelings about our consultant, this card speaks of the suitor who is approaching but not to settle down, for he is a free person,who doesn´t believe in bonds, and who is trying to establish its independence.

In relation to the economic field, the presence of this card indicates that perhaps the time has come to take some risks in finance, this means making investments or financial movements, which will allow us some kind of profit. However, it is necessary – as with all tarot cards – to analyze the esquelas with which the Page of Wands is accompanied, in order to really establish the omen involving its presence.

Likewise, this card warns the consultant about the importance of enthusiastically taking the reins of our finances, in order to become more productive beings. Place passion in the ways we make a living, to become prosperous beings.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the Page of Wands also has a meaning if it appears inverted, that is, head. In that case, she loses her message of drive and passion a little, to become a little more confused and indecly. It also refers to a need for principles and beginnings that is constantly disrupted by stumbles and problems.

In the field of work, the presence of the inverted Page of Wands speaks of projects that do not finish to be realized, companies that do not finish starting. Likewise, the loving field also refers to loving beginnings that do not come true for fear of one of those involved, who make him refrain from declaring or showing his feelings to the other.

Generally speaking, the presence of this card in reverse points to the need for the consultant to leave behind indecision, complexes and fears, and to launch into new beginnings, since his indecision is the main obstacle to triumph. However, as in all situations, the Page of Wands – right or inverted – must be analysed in context, in order to clarify what aspects of life it refers to, and what omen this card brings by the hand.

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