Rudolf Fenz, the first time traveler in history?

Rudolf Fenz is known worldwide, for being the main character of a science fiction literary work that was published by Jack Finney in 1951, which was later cataloged as a real life story and became an urban legend.

Rudolf Fenz, the first time traveler in history?

Travel in time could be possible

The story is basically about a man who was seen in the city of New York in 1950 with a wardrobe out of the ordinary for the time, because this man wore clothes of the 19th century and was hit by a taxi that caused multiple serious injuries which were the cause of instant death. Years later, thanks to an investigation, it was corroborated that the subject mysteriously disappeared without a trace, the year 1876.

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As if it were a story impossible to believe, it was rumored in the city of New York that this man, who mysteriously appeared in the streets of the Big Apple, traveled in time from 1876 and appeared out of nowhere, in the year 1950 .

It is known the report of the morgue that ensures that the man had in the pockets of his pants, a piece of copper that seemed to be an old nickel, about 70 dollars in old bills, a series of objects were found intact and they did not show signs of aging or mold, or alterations in their content.

Thanks to the captain of police Hubert V. Rihm, the address of the letter could be identified, which apparently was a business in which the owner did not know of Rudolf’s existence and his name did not appear in the list of clients of the place.

Captain Rihm verified the records of missing persons and, indeed in 1876, there was the record of a man named Rudolf Fenz who had mysteriously disappeared. There are many versions around these facts, and there are many opinions for and against this type of events, if they can be true, since there are many researchers who associate it with the UFO visit and give it a more esoteric sense than fictional.


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