The Lost Chapter of Chavo del ocho

Much has been said about the chapter in which El Chavo del Ocho dies to the point that he has become practically an urban legend, but did he really exist?

The Lost Chapter of Chavo del ocho

The legend is based on the fact that there was a bump between chapter 142 and 143 of the series, a lapse in which no recordings were made because the actors would be on vacation.

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Bolaños would have been forced not to transmit it

However, some argue that Roberto Gómez Bolaños had had problems with some of them and had planned to end the series, according to this version a chapter would have been recorded in which the guy of the eight died run by a car. That would be the missing chapter of the boy of the eight.

Beyond all this, what is true is that Roberto Gómez Bolaños himself recognized that he had planned to give that ending to the series.

In Wikipedia we can read the following: “Gómez Bolaños confessed, in 2008, that at some point he conceived the end of the program with a chapter where El Chavo died run over by a car.

One of her daughters warned her that this idea would negativelyimpact the children’s audience because it would encourage depressive and suicide sentiments. Faced with this, the comedian dismissed his concept.”

This statement was made during a visit to Lima, Peru, in July 2008. We don’t think the chapter as such had been recorded, but what is true is that the guy in the eight may have been run over. Roberto Gómez Bolaños died on November 28, 2014 in The city of Cancun, Mexico, at the age of 85, suffering from several respiratory conditions, and that did become the chapter where the boy of the eight died, but also the chapter in which the legend was born sees one of the greatest comic creators of all time.

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