How to become the real human barbie

Designed by Ruth Handler, a woman from Denver as a gift to her daughter Barbara, and made by American toy company Mattel, the barbie is perhaps the most famous doll in the world and has reached more than 200 countries.

How to become the real human barbie

An spectacular woman

Its launch took place in March 1959 and since then its success has continued to grow to the point that it has become an icon for girls and teenagers.

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And this is how a woman born in Tiraspol, a small maritime town of a little more than a million inhabitants belonging to the self-proclaimed republic of Moldova, knows well. She is the model, animator and architect Valeria Lukyanova Valeryevna, who was born in 1985 and who is now known around the world as the real human barbie.

However, this was not always the case. Valería led a normal life, went to school and loved writing poetry and singing, so much so that she signed up for a music school and came to compose her own songs in the style of the new era. But Valeria did not pretend to have any recognition for her beauty and this was only taking shape over time.

The physique and traits of Ukrainian women mean that in themselves much of them have some similarity to the barbie doll, aspect to which it comes to help its white skin, its clear eyes and its thin constitution.

But this woman went a little further, as she daily performs a gymnastics routine which, in addition to a special diet allows her to have a waist as thin as that of the doll.

Apart from this, the real human barbie recognizes that it has also passed through the operating room for the purpose of getting breast implants, although it points out that apart from this, the rest of its body is natural.

Tying her body, applying makeup and putting on the intense green contact lenses are other steps this woman followsto tune her character and become the real human barbie.

The woman recognizes that from a very young age she played dolls and that she stood out among all of them the barbie doll, which she saw as a prototype of beauty that, eventually, was filmed in it as a concept of the beautiful and the handsome, shows more than enough of the influence exerted by brands, products and fashions.

Paradoxically, however, the eccentric blonde has facets that very few would imagine: her spirituality.

So much so that she has adopted the name Amatue, which would be her spiritual name, assigned by higher beings in her extra bodily journeys, the same of which she is an instructor. On another occasion she also tried to live only on light and air, a practice known as aerivomo, but she did not continue to claim that she was not yet prepared for it.

Finally Valeria indicates that beyond inner peace it is not possible to achieve true beauty and that there is nothing more important than getting to know the essence and meaning of Infinity, for everything else is an illusion of mind that only distracts from truth.

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