The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah


The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah

Known as The Mad, this card ranks 22nd in the Tarot’s Major Arcanes, although for some this card has no number or carries the number zero. On this occasion we will summarize the symbolic features that this card carries, as well as most interpretations that experts make about it in this divinatory method created in Italy during the Middle Ages.

In this card we can see a young man who goes with a cane and a cloth where he carries everything he possesses in life. Despite his pace he is erratic, and as he looks in awe at the firmament he doesn´t realize that he walks straight into the abyss. At his feet a dog, which for some represents our instintive side, tries to warn him of the danger, without getting this young man to pay attention to him.

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Generally speaking this chart represents our adventurous side, however it can also point out our immature or unconscious side that goes around the world without seeing well where it will put the next step. Likewise, tarot specialists agree that this card sometimes also points to the person who is taken by others as crazy or eccentric for not respecting the conventionalisms and parameters instituted by society.


Likewise other currents of thought also relate this chart to other symbols, for example for the cabalistic this card is linked to the Hebrew Letter Tau, as well as to the element Earth.

For his part esotericism prefers to associate it with the element Fire, although there are currents that affirm that what The Mad wears in the handkerchief that hangs from his cane are the four elements, represented by the four sticks: swords (air), cups (water), wands (earth) and gold (fire) so they relate this card to each of these elements.

For the numerology instead The Mad represents the number twenty-two, which for followers of this discipline means wisdom, the moment where enlightenment is reached.

Thus also the tarotists have on this card different interpretations according to the plane of existence for which the consultation is being carried out. For example, for the material plane, the appearance of this chart almost always indicates that results can be achieved by testing things other than what has always been done.

For the emotional plane this card announces that complexes or unresolved issues are left behind in order to walk to a new destination to which we will arrive free from all ballast. As for the spiritual, the presence of this card may be telling the consultant that it is time to follow his intuition and heed his instincts.

They also advise the person to free himself from dogmas and follow his own way in freedom.

For slightly more specific questions, tarotists have also described interpretations. However, it is important to remember that the card must always be analysed in its context, that is, to take into account the cards of which it is accompanied within the reading, so that these are in full that reveal to us the true meaning (positive or not) of the tirad To.

However, the appearance of this card in a question pointing towards afinal result can always be understood as positive. Even if the person is adventurous or tired of the routine, the appearance of this card warns him about upcoming trips or moves.

If on the contrary the consultant is interested in identifying a specific person, the presence of this card may be pointing to a person of a thoughtless, impulsive nature who is not very clear on the path he wants or plans to follow. You may also be referring to a stubborn person who will follow your decisions despite the advice provided by your environment.

For his part in the loving plane this card does not offer good omens if the consultant is interested in living a great romance, because The Mad card speaks not exactly of stability, but of the flow so that it is facing a relationship that will not take root although can give us great adventures.

At the health level, this card warns the consultant about situations where circulation is involved. In the work area the appearance of The Mad Card announces that the consultant will live moments of dispersion, in which it will be difficult to save the concentration.

As for the economics, this card does not announce any profit of money or losses,but warns the consultant that it is time to update his financial affairs.

And if it appears inverted

Like the other tarot cards, The Mad Card also features an interpretation for every aspect of our lives if it comes to appear inverted within a reading, that is, head reading.

In this sense, on the loving level, the presence of this inverted tasting may indicate that the consultant’s partner may tend to be disgusted by attitudes that he considers a little immature and irresponsible on the part of the consulter, so he may tend to get angry and walk away.

In terms of health,this card may be warning of possible ankle drops or sprains. For the work area this card also announces negative moments, as the consultant will assume a responsibility with which he will not be able to afterward, encountering several delays and problems. For the economic level, this card warns of ill-thought-out investments that lead to the loss of money so the consultant is advised to be cautious.

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