The True Story of Mickey Mouse

Curiosities - July 28, 2019

The world of animated series is truly magical, and throughout its short history, true classics have emerged that have even been brought to the cinema. And just one of those great cartoon classics is the Mickey Mouse character.

Image 1. The True Story of Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney would have stolen the character

However, I’m sure you still, despite having seen it so many times, there are many things you don’t know about so nice little mouse. For example, one of the historical lies we all believed in was that Mickey Mouse was designed by Mr. Walt Disney, but in reality, its author was Ub Wikers.

Like the other Disney company products, they have been singled out for promoting a subconscious gay culture. For example, there are those who say that Mini is actually Mickey’s transvestite brother.

In addition, Hitler is believed to have commissioned Walt Disney and Wikers to perform this work of mental programming in the masses, which would serve as a tremendous lethal weapon, but with the advantage of being unnoticed. The idea was to implant in these cartoons, subliminal messages with suicidal and homosexual tendencies, to reduce the population to the maximum.

“Steamboat Willie,” so called the nefarious top-secret Nazi project. When World War II ended, Walt Disney fled to the United States and installed a modern hidden military base, under the guise of an amusement park called Dinseylandia. These laboratories and military scenarios are located below the aforementioned facilities, according to some researchers.

For their part, the analysts of graphic design, say that the ears of the mouse are a symbol of mental control and one of the goals was to throw fame to the doll,so that the ears use them as costume and ornament, everyone. That’s why you see many world-class artists, promoting them.