12 U.S. soldiers were sent to an extraterrestrial planet

Curiosities, English - November 14, 2022
Image 1. 12 U.S. soldiers were sent to an extraterrestrial planet

The Zeta Project…

A revelation by none other than Canada’s former Minister of Defense has left the world perplexed and dismayed. According to him, 12 soldiers of the U.S. Army would have traveled to another planet where there was also human life, that is, with people like us but more evolved. In this article we will see his statements and all the details of this impressive case. Let’s see:

Nobody imagined that a high official of a country, would come out to give such statements and revelations in front of the public opinion. But so did Paul Hellyer, former Minister of Defense of Canada. Especially when all his life all the governments of the world had agreed to say absolutely nothing about it and to deny in any way the existence of life on other planets.

But in the last few years, this is a topic that has gained a lot of attention, precisely because high-ranking officials and military have come out to offer data that is too astonishing, such as that these high-ranking officials decade after decade have been interacting with aliens in different occult projects, one of which is Operation Zeta, in which according to the minister, 12 North American soldiers were sent to the planet Zeta to live there.

Operation Zeta: military living with extraterrestrials

The first case that began to sound in modern history, related to the existence of aliens, was the famous Roswell incident. According to the official who was in charge of security and defense in Canada for several years, Paul Hellyer, the U.S. military had not only maintained contact with humanities from other worlds, but also had already experienced intergalactic travel to those stars.

But it was not Paul Hellyer who first revealed the existence of this top-secret project, but Sergeant Richard Dotty of the US Air Force. This military officer confessed to journalist Linda Moulton Howe that the project was intended to make a pact of cooperation with an extraterrestrial race and that it would be shortly after what happened in Roswell.

Another of the confessions of great personalities related to the space world was that of Edgar Mitchell, the sixth astronaut to land on the moon. Mitchell released the data in an interview with an English media and said that since the 40’s, inhabitants of other worlds have made several attempts to communicate with us and that several NASA workers have personally seen with their own eyes, these humans coming from other planets.

Mitchell also accepted that the government has been veiling all information and diverting it, but that it has been for security reasons. He also stated that he himself has witnessed the strong and extreme reactions that several agents within the army camps manifested when they learned this terrible truth and saw one of these alien beings face to face. Therefore, he also agrees that all this information has been kept from the masses.

The beginning of the contacts

When that alien spacecraft crashed in Roswell, there was a survivor of the intergalactic crew. He was found behind a rock and was taken by special agents and hidden. The space visitor informed them that the name of his planet was Zeta and that it was in the constellation Reticulum.

He lived until 1952 and struggled to send messages to his home planet, but never received any reply. However, before the end of that year, the inhabitants of the planet Zeta communicated and made contact with agents of the U.S. government. The interactions continued and reached the point of an exchange.

According to the testimonies of Edgar Mitchell and Paul Hellyer, in the year 1962 President Kennedy would have approved the Zeta project, which would select 12 soldiers to travel to that star in that distant constellation.

Ten men and two women were chosen, with specialized professions in Linguistics, Biology, Medicine, Science and also security. They left in an extraterrestrial spacecraft that arrived to pick them up in 1965, at the Test Site in the state of Nevada.

The objective was that in a period of 10 years living on the planet Zeta, the 12 soldiers would learn as much as possible about the technology and advanced developments of that civilization, including its social and psychological factors. The former Canadian minister detailed that only 8 of the 12 returned, because two of them lost their lives. 13 years later, the 8 returned to Earth. Everything else remains classified information.

Although all this may seem like a science fiction plot, the truth is that many researchers have shown evidence that the governments of the major powers have developed projects with the aim of conquering other planets and that, in addition, they have a fairly advanced technology, which they hide from the masses and that very few even suspect.

There is talk that they have quantum portals capable of teleporting matter to any place in the solar system and even to other times, both in the past and in the future. Whether this is true or not, it is very interesting to know that one day human beings will discover portals to other worlds.