Turn your Android tablet into a retro video game machine

Turn your Android tablet into a retro video game machine

Free From The Android have always been attentive to the Games that came out for Android. We have also seen how consoles appeared as . And has now made its arrival Android TV, where the Google I / O 2014 has left us as a developer kit that included a command to play Xbox in true style.

But today we will talk concept of a more retro, for all nostalgic. And is that sometimes we become obsessed with a good game needs better graphics and a great story, for example. But what about those older games and arcades where many children we got to take a 5 coin hard to take a game, for example when Street Fighter II

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Yes, it is true that since We have spoken in the past of emulators. It is true that we refer to those same games. But it is also true that today we highlight people struggling to give added value to a product. And this is the case today.

I am the first to spend time playing these games occasionally. Because they are for a quick game when you are doing time. Because you need not delve much into the video game world or throw so many hours. Just have a good time. Not only that, serves to remind our children.

Because it’s true that we love emulators, but we love much experience playing with our joystick and our button, as if we were about 20 years in the arcade ago, just missing the 5 coin hard. Many people, in fact, has mounted its own machines with an old PC to continue to enjoy that experience.

But not everyone has that skill or space at home. And for that, there is a company called , which is engaged in mounting slot machines as of yore, but tablet size. I mean, the whole screen will be a tablet (the size we want), and get our emulators recreate those old times we had.

What do you think? This is the design that we have made since the company Mata Martian, based on my favorite game: Monkey Island (read this if you do not already know, you should start playing them YA). It is a gift of the most original, and presents the ideal to stand on our legs to start playing size

now when I think. Oye! But if that is a 3D assembly! Right. When you decide to buy one of these machines to the boys of Martian Mata has the option to purchase a design they already have, as one of the following:

But if you want to design your own, they will provide the templates in Photoshop, is the command and how would you say:

We have tested the machine and have to say I really got. Why? It’s simple: Because it is the perfect size to be on the couch playing with her. It is also designed to be very easy to remove the tablet and not “squander” the tablet for use only with the machine.

Want to see how the machine was they sent? They changed some of the design in 3D (at our request), but it achieved fijaros is:

The playing experience is great, and we can get with price from 120 €. We can even buy the tablet included, without the price to skyrocket, as for emulators not need a tablet with the highest power in the market.

The company itself will tell us how to configure the tablet to have it ready for play, but basically need an emulator and games and you’re done!

In this technological world that is constantly evolving, and at a speed that scares where and until we tell our watch, I think is not bad stop and think about the possibilities for products that already exist. This is certainly a good example and from here I want to congratulate the guys Martian Mata, as they have managed to attract the lover of video games people nostalgic. In fact, the stock sold out last Christmas, with the amount of demand that had.

You are also nostalgic about you? And if you do not have someone you are close but it is, I think I have a possible perfect gift

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