Foods that increase intelligence

Curiosities, English - December 19, 2022
Image 1. Foods that increase intelligence

Doctors are increasingly focusing on the importance of diet quality in relation to physical and mental health. It has been verified that many bad eating habits eventually lead to a bad appearance of the body, premature aging, diseases and low intellectual capacity.

Studies do not cease and recently, a group of scientists has been able to determine which are the foods that have the power to increase the memory capacity, the potential of the brain and intelligence itself. Let’s see what they are:

Ice cream

A research carried out in 2005, by the “Institute of Psychiatry of London”, showed that eating ice cream in certain doses, stimulates the areas of the brain where pleasant sensations are processed, the same ones that are naturally activated when listening to favorite music or earning money.

Ice cream is a kind of earthly paradise for the brain, it increases happiness and that makes the vital organ work better. However, if it is not done in a balanced and moderate way, you will no longer see the benefits, but on the contrary numerous harms.

Dark chocolate

The University of Maine, USA, affirms that there is a close relationship between the consumption of chocolate and the work of certain areas of the brain responsible for memory and intelligence.

According to the studies of this academic institution, with experiments applied to a thousand volunteers of adult ages and healthy condition, cocoa can contribute to improve the speed with which data are processed. Those who ate it once a week, during several months, had great results, while those who avoided it almost all the time, obtained terrible grades.

Creole eggs

In this case, the authors of the discovery of the wonders that Creole chicken eggs can give to intelligence, is the “Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. It is thanks to an element they contain called choline, that the neuronal connections are highly favored and this is translated in the remarkable improvement of the intellectual capacities.

Nuts and peanuts

All nutritionists agree that by eating certain amounts of these nuts, it helps to better develop attention, concentration and cognitive skills. But not only that, at a physiological level they have great advantages and the body performs its functions more efficiently. However, if you overdo it, the effects are negative.


All life, generation after generation, it has been known that eating fish is essential to strengthen the brain and intelligence. But among the whole range of this wonderful food rich in phosphorus, omega 3 and other elements with great qualities, the most recommended by specialists is salmon and the least, catfish.

Olive oil

It is one of the best natural antioxidants. It works prodigiously avoiding the damage that is generated by the action of the so-called free radicals and other kinds of toxins that are acquired from the environment. It combats the negative effects of cell oxidation, since oxygen is one of the main elements required by the brain.


The same ones that Popeye, the classic cartoon, promoted so much. It is one of the foods that has most surprised the scientific community for its innumerable benefits.

But one of the most outstanding is the help it represents for the development and strengthening of memory, selection and data processing, thanks to the wonderful work that its natural chemical components contribute to neurons.

Green tea

It is one of the antioxidant foods par excellence. It is a beverage that science does not stop finding benefits for those who consume it. It has been highlighted the mental sharpness that confers, due to the direct action against the undesirable free radicals, causal of the old age and the human dullness with the time and the years.

Dairy products

Although for some people they are harmful because of their lactose intolerance, science has discovered that the fats provided by milk derivatives prevent many diseases such as multiple sclerosis, thanks to their large amounts of protein, Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium, which also influence brain activity.

Red berries

The delicious raspberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, have important antioxidant qualities. Like the other foods on this list, by attacking free radicals, they stop the mental ailments of old age, such as lack of memory, analytical skills, concentration, etc.  In addition, they contain high doses of Vitamin C.

Undoubtedly, what we eat shapes not only our physical body, but also our mind. The problem is that society in many countries has become accustomed to the consumption of massive, ultra-processed products full of sugar. It has been scientifically discovered that sugar is the main enemy of the body and the psyche.

From a very early age, children begin to eat all kinds of sweets and candies, as well as carbonated and sweetened soft drinks, which many have denounced as an intentional mechanism of the ruling elites to reduce the IQ of the population.