VMOS: a simple virtual machine of Android within Android to have two copies of an app, use root and more

VMOS-a simple virtual machine of Android within Android to have two copies of an app, use root, and more

The most common use of a virtual machine is to run a different operating system than the current one, but the case of VMOS is a bit peculiar: is a virtual machine of Android that works on Android.

This can be useful in several situations, for example, for have two accounts of any application in the mobile, to use it as a emulator or use apps that need root, because the system emulated can rootearse with the push of a button.

Android within Android


VMOS is a virtual machine of Android that is installed as a app. Is in fact available in Google Play, which is curious, since Google does not allow apps that download other apps from outside of your store. VMOS technically not download apps, but a complete operating system, with apps within, although it is true that in theory these apps run separately, so that, in theory, not affect your mobile phone.

The most important question would be why would you want to another Android in your Android?. What is certain is that the concept is not entirely new to Android, as it makes several apps and ROM play with the concept of clone applications or have a separate space as the secure Folder of Samsung or the private Space of the Huawei. These are some ideas:

  • Use two accounts of WhatsApp, Facebook or any other app without multitasking.
  • to Have a space separate from the normal mobile where to save photos, take other contacts, etc
  • Do experiments with root without having to root the system.
  • Stop the background tasks (for example, games) while you do other things.
  • To remember past times and test how it works an app in Lollipop.

first of all, permissions, and are a few, including several with sensitive content such as the IMEI, the files or the location. This information is used -according to its authors – for the system emulated to be more realistic.


After you begin the download process of truth, which, fortunately does not occupy too much, because we are talking about Android Lollipop 5.1 without a just pre-installed apps, so that the ROM takes up less than 300 MB and can be downloaded directly from the app.


the More patience you need for the first boot, because the boot can take between five and ten minutes, according to the power of your mobile phone. Yes, the next time you open the application, it does so with greater speed.

After you have your own Android within Android. The performance obviously suffers, because your phone is moving two operating systems at the same time, one of them emulated, but in our tests the invention is sufficiently fluid as to be able to use it normally. You can use both full-screen mode Picture-in-Picture, switching from the floating button.


we Mentioned before that the use of the root was one of its advantages, although it needs to be stressed that input is not rooted, fortunately, everything is a matter of pressing a button. A button included in the Options for developers (before you have to activate with the procedure always). The option is simply called ROOT.


After activate it you must reboot the virtual machine, that for all practical purposes supposed to turn it off and open it again. When you return you will see that it is now the app is installed Superuser for the management of the permissions. Please note that this root works only in the scope of the virtual machine and not in the main operating system of your mobile.

VMOS-Virtual Android on Android-Double Your System

VMOS-Virtual Android on Android-Double-Your-System

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VMOS: a simple virtual machine of Android within Android to have two copies of an app, use root and more
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August 6, 2019

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