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Google tends the hand to Tizen: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 opens the apps YouTube and Google Translate

Google tends the hand to Tizen: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 opens the apps YouTube and Google TranslateGoogle tends the hand to Tizen: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 opens the apps YouTube and Google Translate

After several weeks of rumores, Samsung announced yesterday the official Galaxy Watch Active 2, is a new smart watch that comes to happen to the Galaxy Watch Active (went on sale in march). The model recently presented by Samsung includes, among other standout features, a feather touch, the possibility of performing electrocardiograms, and a fall detector.

in Addition, a video officials of the new device has unveiled two característas that had been overlooked in the beginning and that various media such as Engadget have had the opportunity to try. We discuss two applications so popular as a YouTube, and the Google Translator, which will allow us to, respectively, view videos, and see a translation from our wrist.

The voice recognition is the key

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 will be available in two box sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm, both with Super AMOLED screen slightly curved, 1.2-and 1.4 inches respectively. Those larger screens, along with a bezel touchscreen that makes navigation easy, open up a new world of possibilities for the new smart watch from Samsung.

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And one of those options is, precisely, the of to watch videos from the app of YouTube that comes built-in and that not only allows them to play, but also pausarlos, rewind and fast-forward. It also uses the voice recognition for facilitating the search of content. Yes, the utility (and comfort) of this function from the wrist it is better not to enter to appreciate it.


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As you can see in the video, another application that has built-in Samsung on your new watch, in addition to Twitter, it is Google Translate. Until now, smart watches with Tizen had an app of translation of its own of Samsung, but the Galaxy Watch Active 2 opens the Google Translator with voice recognition, so that it is possible to tell something in a language, and that the watch offers us the translation spoken and written in another language instantly.

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The news Google tends the hand to Tizen: the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 opens the apps of YouTube, and Google Translate was originally published in Xataka Android by Laura Sexton.

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