The powerful secret of Krishna, the god that confers immortality

The powerful secret of Krishna, the god that confers immortality

The mythologies of the different ages of the Earth, are very interesting and enigmatic, because they are full of strange knowledge, gods, magic, but above all of something that goes beyond fashion and times: answers to the why and what for the existence of human beings.

One of those disturbing and most famous gods of antiquity is Krishna, who in his most transcendental teachings gives humanity the way out of the painful cycle of births and deaths to which we would all be subjected. Scholars point out the direct relationship between the names Christ and Krishna. Let’s take a look at the powerful secret behind this mysterious Hindu god:

The eighth Avatar of Vishnu

This is how the Hindu currents describe him. Throughout India, Krishna is one of the most famous and well-known deities, of the greatest importance and veneration. The number of stories about him is impressive and varies according to traditions and cultures.

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His teachings, mainly exposed in the “Baghavad Gita: The Song of the Lord”, one of the oldest and most relevant books of the Vedas, considered as the very gospel of Krishna. It explains matters of high spiritual transcendence, such as the purpose of the existence of every human being, why and for what purpose we live and the terrible situation in which humanity finds itself in this era, which is called “The Kali Yuga”, or the dark iron age.

In this millenary book a bloody war is narrated, in which the disciple and friend of Krishna, Arjuna, had to command the army that was on the side of his Lord. The problem was that the opponents, whom Arjuna had to eliminate, were none other than his own relatives.

According to Swami Sivananda, one of the most outstanding Indian gurus of the 20th century, who explained the Baghavad Gita in detail, he pointed out that, like all the other books and sacred scriptures of the other millenary religions, they are in a symbolic language and one must know how to differentiate what is literal from what is a veiled code.

Sivananda assures us that this code contains the secret path to immortality, to true eternal life. Hindus have always believed in reincarnation, or more precisely in the return after death, but forgetting all past lives and absolutely everything, in most people.

To be born, to grow, to reproduce, to grow old and to die. But according to this perspective, the soul returns to take a body and repeat the same life as always. Thus for 108 times and if in none of those incarnations that soul does not overcome the lower human state, then it will enter the lower kingdoms of nature and take bodies of animals, plants and minerals in suffering. This whole cycle of births and deaths in the kingdoms is called “The Wheel of Samsara”.

Liberation from the terrible Wheel of Samsara

Krishna teaches in the Baghavad Gita, how to free oneself from that terrible Wheel of Samsara, full of pains, anguish, problems, displeasures, disappointments, betrayals, injustices, lovelessness, etc, in every existence. The symbolic war of Kurukshetra, says Swami Sivananda, represents the war that must be fought within the person who longs for spiritual ascent and eternal liberation from death, old age, sickness and suffering.

In that sense, the relatives with which the adept must fight would be all his psychological defects, which make him sick, weaken and destroy him in every sense of the word. These inhuman elements or internal demons that live in each individual: anger, lust, greed, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, vices, evil, deceit, among thousands of others. In a few words: there is no worse enemy of someone, than all that is inside himself, because no one can defend him from it, nor hide it.

If the mind remains concentrated all the time in the present moment and in the Lord Krishna or Inner God who dwells in the heart, according to these Hindu teachings, at the moment of death the God creator of the Universe will liberate his disciple who dedicated himself in life to eliminate the filth of the soul and to venerate him, merging with him and becoming a man God, or a God Man.

Compared with the ancient Christian doctrine and with what is set forth in the four gospels, it is a similar doctrine or code. Both teach a determined and disciplined path to attain perfection, eternal life and integral fusion with God. Krishna is described in Gaudiya Vaisvanism as the Inner God who lives in every creature, the source of all reality in every dimension, the One who is All and All.

In the Hindustani Vedic tradition, when Vishnu, the second Person of the Hindu Trinity (as the Son in Christianity), incarnates on Earth to teach the true path to the Light, he is called Avatara, which translates messenger. Krishna is known as Avatar number eight of Vishnu. God incarnate, showing his creation how to reach Him.

Thus, in the Srimad Bhagavatam, another book that forms the basis of Bakti Yoga, Krishna is recorded as saying:

“…I will indicate the times (conditions)… in which the devotees when departing (from this life), do so, never to return (to be reborn), or to return” (to incarnate again).

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