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TOP 10 international clothing brands

TOP 10 international clothing brandsTOP 10 international clothing brands

Original, stylish, bright clothes are what young people now choose and what the past generation is striving for. There are so many clothing brands that it is sometimes difficult to figure out who is the best. Today we will not talk about which brand creates clothes better in quality or other parameters. We will consider the features of each brand, namely, we will compare all brands in terms of time of existence, the number of sales and other important criteria.


German company for the production of sports clothing and footwear. The assortment of the company also includes sports accessories. It is one of the largest clothing brands in Europe. If you compare it in terms of positions on a global scale, then Adidas is in second place after Nike. The company has existed for 97 years. The company has about 60,000 employees, and their sales in just 1 year amount to an average of 22,000 billion euros. The company is very illogically branding its product, creating several variants of logos. There is no main one among them, but the brand logo is distinguished by the presence of three stripes and the word “Adidas”.


Italian global company for the production of clothing, perfumery and accessories, founded in 1921. It has 17,000 employees and sells around 2.2 billion euros per year. Since 2018, the company has refused to produce clothes with fur for the reason that it seeks to fight for the environment. The brand is the largest in terms of sales after LVMN. The brand’s trademark looks like two letters “G” superimposed on each other and turned face to face, and below them the inscription “Gucci”.


The manufacturing company is valid for 75 years. The French clothing brand produces 4 lines of clothing, perfumes, shoes and accessories. Famous clothing series:

    • Christian Dior Haute Couture

    • Christian Dior Ready-to-wear

    • DiorHomme

    • BabyDior

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The company owns about 1,500 stores and thousands of online points of sale. The Dior logo is simple and looks like the ‘Dior’ nameplate


The existence of the company began in 1963. They released the first batch of sneakers in Japan. Apparel, footwear and accessories are manufactured by the firm with an annual turnover of $ 39 billion. The company logo is original. The brand name looks like a flourish or an imitation of a goddess’s wing.


The German company for the production of apparel, sports shoes and accessories was founded in 1948. Now the turnover of the company is 4.44 billion euros. The company employs about 13,000 people. In addition to sewing clothes and shoes, the brand also produces perfumes. As a logo, the creators chose the image of an animal, Puma. Those who wear clothes need to feel stronger and more confident, they said.


The Italian company was founded in 1978. For 43 years, the brand’s clothing, accessories, perfumes have been sold all over the world. The company’s turnover is 410 million euros. The creator of the brand is Gianni Versace, and the key figure of Donatella Versace is his sister. The company’s famous logo looks like the face of Medusa Rondanini.


A fashion brand that has been around for 36 years. The company was founded in America. Designer Tommy Hilfiger’s first line of clothing was menswear. The company has a turnover of $ 2 billion and annual profits of $ 135 million. As for the logo, it comes in three colors: dark blue, white, and red. The rectangle in three colors also has a corporate inscription in the form of the brand name “Tommyhilfiger”.


The brand of youth clothing was founded in 1994. The company produces not only clothes, but also accessories, and also skateboards. The famous Supreme logo, with text written in white slanted futura, enclosed in a bright red rectangle, was clearly influenced by the propaganda art of Barbara Kruger. The company’s turnover (annual) averages $ 1 billion.


The year of foundation of the company is 1987. The products of the brand have become and to this day are only clothes. The company has around 33.947 billion euros at its disposal and an annual turnover of 46 billion euros. The brand logo is simple and made in the form of the first two letters of the name and surname of the creator “LV”.


Established in 1984, a clothing and footwear company that has been on the market for over 30 years and has an annual turnover of $ 72 million. Since 2017, the company left Russia, but continued to exist on the market of the Netherlands and other foreign countries. The company logo looks like a simple inscription of the MEXX trademark. Most of the above brands have gained their fame from the first years of their existence. Until now, the clothes of these brands are in great demand and are valued for their quality and uniqueness.

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