PlayStation emulator ePSXe reaches version 2.0


you may remember ePSXe version for Windows. It is one of the most famous emulators original PlayStation, with near-perfect compatibility with the entire catalog and a very reliable emulation both audio and video.

The port ePSXe for Android is available from August 2012 and this first release version 1.7.5. It has since been updated periodically but still surprising that it took almost four years to reach the milestone of version 2.0.

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The changes ePSXe for Android 2.0 include better control of the shaders, you can now choose between NONE, FXAA, CRT-Hyllian, XBR-LV2-3D, CRT-lottes or other personalized, two new 2D filters. 2xSaI and xBRZx2 / 4, support for two gamepads more and mandatory fixes error


with phones and tablets increasingly powerful, the occasion is perfect for revisiting classics from the original PlayStation portable in an almost perfect experience. Just remember that the emulator comes “as is” and you must provide the games legally possess.

ePSXe is priced at 2.99 euros on Google Play, priced quite reasonable for a project of this nature and that continues to be updated from almost five years. Unfortunately there is no trial version for compatibility before checkout.

 ePSXe for Android

ePSXe for Android 2.0.0

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